Workplace Safety Case Study Sample

Published: 2021-06-22 00:38:22
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What is your evaluation of Linda Merton’s plan for 1992? What changes, if any would you recommend? In your analysis, take into consideration which actions or conditions could be affected by capital investments versus behavioural issues.
Linda Merton's plan for the year 1992 seeks to improve safety levels and compliance with newly introduced safety guidelines. The plan is a good plan as it seeks to be proactive, rather than the solution seeking approaches of the past. Also, the new plan proposes increased communication among the stratum of management and also to reward compliance with safety regulations.
Increased safety levels will definitely transform to increased productivity, I recommend that all cadre of workers be actively involved in safety regulations and implementation. Emphasis should be laid on recognising the points where accidents occur frequently and the types of accidents that occur with a view to preventing rather than palliating. Overall, the issues regarding change are more of behavioural than capital issues. A situation where basic safety precautions such as use of gloves and protective wears are taken for granted requires a great deal of attitudinal change. This can be achieved by adequately motivating the workers ,their high resistance to change will be minimized.
What position should Merton advocate, if any, in the 9:00 a.m. meeting with Tevens and Harris? Should Harris fire Stepancik?
Merton should vigorously advocate the management’s aspirations of a high safety level in the factory. This can be achieved by adequate commitment and the will to effect those changes by the management. Also, all management staff should undergo thorough sessions on safety at the plant.
Ned Stephancik should not be dismissed as his actions were not intentional. Congestion caused the accident. If the problem had been tackled by the management, the accident could have been averted. Also, as a manager, his attitude to safety measures was nonchalant probably due to ignorance. He and other managers should be adequately tutored on safety issues so that they always know the implications of their actions and inactions safety wise.

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