What Is The Purpose Of College Education Argumentative Essay

Published: 2021-06-22 00:27:24
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When a student is still in Middle or High School, he/she starts planning about what career to pursue and accordingly what subjects to specialize in college. The progress from school to college is the most required move, for achieving higher education, in order to accomplish career goals. I firmly believe that college education is highly important to teach specific work-related skills, knowledge and prepare for the career one wants to pursue.
A student studies many subjects in school, such as English, History, Economics, Psychology, French, Mathematics, Science, Sociology, etc. And its important to study these subjects in order to learn life-skills and get an overall view and knowledge about various areas of life. But one needs to decide what subjects to study specifically in college, in order to keep in line with the desired career goals. Decision-making for further college education is an extremely vital one, as it directs your career path. By going through various aptitude tests and based on individual interests of study and goals, decision is made to study a specific subject in college.
It is then in college that one gets to study a subject in-depth and at length, so as to specialize in a particular field of work, to acquire specialized skills, tools and knowledge. For instance, if one aims to become a doctor, one needs to choose Medicine as a special subject to study and select a Medical college for further study. Similarly, if one desires to become an engineer, one needs to choose an engineering college to study, or to pursue a career in fine arts, take up the study of arts, etc. The list goes on. College is the place that offers specialization in various subjects, in order to pursue a definite career path and receive specific instruction and training accordingly.
I strongly believe that one must receive college education, in order to learn, be fully equipped and prepared for one’s career and future life. Higher education is vital for quality performance at work and intellectual growth. The instruction and knowledge imparted at the college level, gives a deep insight into the subject of study to the students, and makes them thorough in their knowledge and information. Apart from theoretical knowledge, the practical experience given to the students helps them attain a real understanding and know-how of things. For instance, the Indian business magnate, Anil Ambani, studied business administration from Wharton Business School, which I am sure gave him the skills for running a business empire and becoming one of the world’s top entrepreneurs. College education gives students expertise in a particular field of study, thus making them capable and competent for the related job they aim for.
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