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Published: 2021-06-22 00:45:43
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Part 1:
Obesity is a medical and curable condition where the person, suffering from the obesity holds excess amount of fat. In modern society, the problem of obesity is growing and every society is affected with the problem, especially the people from the developed and rich societies. This paper discusses the obesity and several related aspects of the problem. Further the paper discusses the reasons that cause the obesity, several advantages and disadvantages along with several methods of treating the obesity problem.
Twenty five to thirty percent fat of the total body weight is considered as normal in the female while in the men this ratio is considered normal when the ratio of the fat is between eighteen to twenty four percent of the total body weight. Any amount of fat in the human body above this quantity amounts to the obesity and indicates towards an ill and curable situation.
The obesity is usually caused due to the excessive nutrition or due to a larger amount of food which is not required to the body. Consumption of junk foods is also a part of overeating factor which is very common among the Americans and other rich people. Irregular lifestyle and lack of physical activity are among other reasons which cause the obesity. Doctors and health experts suggest that genetics, several psychological factors, several diseases, slow metabolism, frequent eating habit, use of alcohol, imbalanced diets rich in fat, carbohydrates and protein are other major reasons of the obesity.
The obesity is not only an aesthetic problem but more than that it is a health hazard which not only causes numerous problems but also it risks the life of the human beings. It is evident from the medical records that more than 300,000 people are losing their lives due to the obesity in the United States only. The obesity causes several diseases including the high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, cancer, gallstone and arthritis.
People make fun of the obese people socially and thus the obese suffer from a mental harassment. The obese people also suffer psychologically because others underestimate them and it causes them to suffer. They go through a psychological problem and are very often found having a low self esteem.
Part 2:
The questions often arise in my mind that how we can control obesity. Can it be controlled by exercise and a right diet?
Amount and frequency of food intake by human body is controlled by brain. People who are suffering from Prader-willy syndrome generally face weight gain problem because of poor muscle strengths. People who are suffering with syndrome get benefited by exercise and controlled diet. Basal Metabolism rate is key factor that is responsible for weight control. People who having high metabolism rate generally burn calories more quickly and people who are having slow metabolism rate gain weight.
Some other hereditical and social factors affect the way people can control or gain weight. Children learn from their parents about various exercises and how they can keep their diet healthy with low fat. Society also impacts it by carrying out various beneficial programs and right information.
A right diet and exercise is required for healthy body and mind. I also follow a balanced diet plan, Proper intake of water and regular exercise to keep myself healthy and fit. As per my personal observations food habits are an important factor behind the problem and changing these habits can provide a solution to the obese people. People who are suffering from the obesity should start regular physical exercise. There should be a sense in the people of the society also and in stead of making fun of the obese people, they should be encouraged to reduce their weight by adopting prescribed methods.
After having observed the obesity, several related aspects, its effects on the physical, psychological and social aspect of a human being, several methods to treat the disease; it is good to say that the obesity is a major problem which is required to be treated at every level. The problem has badly affected the society and to prevent the loss further, every individual should be determined to treat this illness with the utmost attention. The number of the people affected with the obesity is increasing and if not controlled at this step, this is going to produce a big challenge to the society.
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