Visiting Artist Lectures In Chicago Course Work

Published: 2021-06-22 00:46:49
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1.0 Oscar Wilde: Art and the Handicraftsman
This particular lecture focused on the relationship that brings together art and the craftsman. The presentation outlined that pulling one from the other affects both. If one is kept away from the other, negative effects of that action ruins the two. Art is all about expressing things in a personal view. Such expressions are based on diverse feelings of the handicraftsman. The resultant expressions of such works constitute the art. Attitude, motives and expectations are just but a few ways that determine the forthcoming artistic works. Art is all about getting imaginative according to this presentation.
Art is the beauty of the craftsman. This lecture showed that the content of these men is derived from art. It is passion that drives creativity, imagination and innovativeness. Oscar Wilde said that the above was the reason why architecture has based its success on art. Innovations in the art docket have found their way into architecture, giving a direct link between the two. In the recent past, arts and the craftsmen have dynamically changed over time, and the most appropriate example on this is the relationship exhibited in architecture by the works of handicraftsmen through art.
Art and architecture has gone through a series of changes over the years. It has evolved right from traditional means of innovativeness to the contemporary creative works of art. The relationship between the two cannot be ignored. A positive relationship exists between architecture and contemporary art. For example, buildings do not only serve as people’s dwelling places, but they are as well places which the same people can enjoy. What this means is that these people do not necessarily need to be occupying a building so as to enjoy it. Buildings can be enjoyed through various means. Ways through which structures can be enjoyed include and not limited to: admiring the buildings, wanting to know what they are made of, being interested in the way they are colored and the general feeling of wanting to be associated with the buildings even when there is no direct link between the building and the person who enjoys the building.
Architecture tailors the fast and dynamic changes in patterns of life and the way of life of the people and the society at large. These factors put together constitute urban growth and development and consequently accelerate the rate at which this growth takes place. This whole process is aided by the fact that artists and architects pool up their views and efforts towards such developments. Contemporary art and architecture has been characterized by innovations and creativity in recent times more than any other time before. Combination of the two has given to the entire world a fundamental and concrete beauty and expression of emotions all over the universe. The lecture presented how much art and architecture have evolved in response to time based changes and also related such evolvements with validity or invalidity of the two. It did not leave behind criticisms and personal opinions on issues that concern the two.
Reflection on what constitutes contemporary art and the craftsmen can be drawn from the lecture, based on the series of changes evident in art-based architecture. Design and composition are the main constituents of contemporary art and architecture. The two refer to the systematic arrangement and/or the planning of something into an organized set of a given variable. This variable can take the form, and not limited to color; presented in two and/or three dimensions. The uniqueness of design and the composition depends on the way variables of choice are put across. Presentation of designs and designs in two or three dimensions gives variable more chances of analysis. It is this factor that most artists take advantage of and therefore present to the people diverse ideas and qualities of work that the people admire. The need to be associated with such works of great honor constitutes the beauty of arts.
2.0 Trevor and Ryan Oakes: Understanding vision and light of art
These two artists developed from a humble start to the complex and creative people in the field of arts in the modern time. Vision of art is dynamic and not be specified as most other fields in many other disciplines can. For example, in businesses, the vision of such an entity is driven by the motive of profit making. For this reason, it is very easy to specify the goal, the mission, the vision and the objective of the business. However, in the case of art, it is not that easy to define such motives. Art is dynamic and fixations would not fit into art. The vision of the artist is produce quality work that the people would adore. For this to happen, artistic works need to address what people go through in their life. It should also address these people’s experiences both in good and bad times. When such events are captured in design and composition of art, then that is the start of understanding the vision that art ought to play in the society.
Discoveries in this field pinpoints and sets up the pace towards what light art produces. According to this lecture, it was clear that art does not necessarily mean complexity of designs but, what matters is how the whole presentation is done. For example, Ryan says, “at times, the drawing work of an artist may not be that appealing to an eye, but using the tacks used to hold the drawing upon the wall may catch one’s attention”. This is how art develops from time to time and it through this process that contemporary art has been given birth into.
The light of art is reflected upon using the changes that artists have gone through due to the works they have chosen to pursue. Transformations are a reality that cannot be evaded in this field of study and work. In review of the lecture, a reflection on such transformations can be identified using the motive behind which an individual develops art according his or her interest as well as the purpose that the individual ought to serve. Consequently, the light of art is identified in that process as well. The composition of this dwells on the tone, texture, color, shape, size, attitude, message and seriousness of the issue being addressed by the works put forward. The motive behind which a given work is based upon is regulated by the fact that reasoning, thinking and creativity of persons differ. Their impacts on the developed works are affected by these factors. The intensity of reasoning and thinking can be linked with the uniqueness of the resulting products. However, this does not mean that complexity of design and composition bids high the resultant work. Even simple and easy works have been used to give explanations of complex issues all over the world.

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