The Relationship Of Thinking To SLA Argumentative Essay Examples

Published: 2021-06-22 00:26:37
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Self-correction has a tendency to impede cognition because it can make a learner too conscious of their use of the language, which can make them hesitant to use it. Instead of frequently and eagerly using the language as a form of practice, the learner who often self-corrects will tend to second-guess themselves a lot. In turn, this can make the learning experience unpleasant for them; thus, impeding learning.
Cognitive Learning Strategies
Cognitive learning strategies can enhance learning only if the learner is already familiar with them from their previous learning endeavors. However, if these strategies are new to them then learning these strategies will just add more burden to the learner. Instead of focusing only on their main learning goal, which is SLA, they would also have to exert effort in learning and applying various learning strategies. This in turn can take away some of the learner’s resources (time and energy) from the accomplishment of their main learning goal.
Prior Knowledge
Prior knowledge can impede cognition if the learner incorrectly applies their prior knowledge to the new knowledge that they are trying to acquire. For example, in SLA, the pronunciation of words in the learner’s native language is different from the pronunciation of words in English or the second language. As such, the learner’s prior knowledge can make it more difficult for them to learn the second language because they would tend to keep applying the pronunciation rules or phonetics used in their native language to their second language, which is often inappropriate.

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