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Published: 2021-06-22 00:29:39
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The article being reviewed is entitled ‘Health care reform: Revolution or evolution-What did we get from the affordable care act?’ It was written by Dr Len Saputo (2011). This article appeared in Sunday, 29th May, 2011 of the Natural news publication. Natural news forum features topics pertaining to various contemporary health issues.Dr Len Saputo (2011) is a certified internal medicine board practitioner. His practice is recognized as being focused on holistic, person centered care (Saputo, 2011).
Precisely, in the article referenced Dr Len Saputo (2011) expressed his sincere concerns regarding health care in America. To his dismay health care reform under President Obama leaves much to be desired. Importantly, for him it represents widening of a gap. This exists between two distinct groups. They are people who have sophisticated health insurance coverage and others without (Saputo, 2011).
In his sentimental exposition this internal medicine practitioner voiced disappointment regarding the accessibility of quality health care. He looked forward to a health care reform which made quality health care affordable to all in the society. His greatest contention is the disparity among groups when it comes to the quality of care they received. Health Insurance coverage determined the quality of care delivered. With the present health care reform strategies he is contending that more people will be without health insurance coverage (Saputo, 2011).
Further deliberations were leveled at a network of health care providers. It appeared to him that their focus was more on money than delivering quality care to society. Again, it was his hope that a twenty-first century health care reform intervention would exterminate such parasites from the environment. Instead the program would allow them to flourish more.
In concluding his discussion he offered alternatives to the dilemma of thousands of Americans. It was confirmed that America’s health care quality is sliding down to 37th in the world. For him it meant poor quality of care in a country where there are so much resources to do better. He advises citizens to return to basics and take care of themselves. They should stop relying on a health care systems geared to exploit the nation. Prevention is the message of hope. Eating healthy, exercise, take fewer medications and be a loving person is Dr Saputo’s (2011) twenty-first century health care reform prescription.
Social scientists have theorized that institutions arise in direct response to needs of society. In the same way they disintegrate when they are no longer useful (Chen & Jose, 2004). What could be done about an intuition which for centuries does not serve the majority of people? It takes social action to propel desirable change. In this case Obama’s health care reform seems to be a one man revolution which is still in evolution.
The author of this article correctly highlighted the plight of Americans without adequate health insurance coverage. Medicaid and Medicare according to the author provide mediocre care. This is their most appropriate definition. Therefore, the admonition towards self preventative medicine seems to be the answer. It is most appropriate when the health care provided by institutions is unaffordable.
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