Scott N Brooks Black Men Cant Shoot Book Review Examples

Published: 2021-06-22 00:30:20
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Summarize the major points of Brooks’ research. What are the themes that comes out and why is it important?
Assess the author’s level of objectivity. In discussing objectivity, discuss the strengths AND weaknesses of Brooks’ ethnographic work?
Which person in the book can you relate to the best and why?
Scott Brooks who is a former coach is well known as one of the foremost contemporary minds on the subject of sociology. In his excellent book bearing the same name he attempts to dissect the various sociological theories which have been prevalent to this day and which continue to rule the roost in sociological circles. However his narrative is extremely readable and interesting, it is also written quite simply and the case studies also make for highly intriguing and interesting reading too.
Major points of research:
Brooks’ methods largely concentrate on participant observation in indigenous communities and how these are affected by the changes within their society as well as their reactions to it. This is the case when he attempts to analyze black men who are natural athletes and who make the transition from the ghetto to college football in quite a splendid manner. Nothwitstanding all this, Brooks describes the harsh life that these young men lead in their teens and how difficult it is for them to integrate into society. Athleticism is crucially important to US society and the fact that blacks are natural athletes continues to emphasise Brooks’ argument that these need to be properly nurtured so that they can make a success out of their lives. The method of participant observation works well as Brooks kind of immerses himself into the proceedings with great zest apart from showing that he understands what these young men are going through as they attempt to unshackle themselves from the chains of the ghetto and free themselves into the world.
Objectivity may be an issue with Brooks’ work but there’s no denying that he is deeply affected by the students with which he works. His story of Jermaine and Ray who are two young pupils and who eventually come close to making the grade is a heart wrenching one and up to a point, one can feel the intrinsic level of communication between coach and pupils.
Strengths and weaknesses
Brooks also describes certain situations with a relevant passion especially the one where Jermaine and ray begin their schooling in the world of football and begin showing their talent. Obviously Brooks tends to have a certain bias towards black people as he alone knows what huge and substantial potential they have in this respect and how his coaching makes them approach greatness.
There are some aspects of the book which can be said to be quite intriguing especially the way in which Brooks narrates his work which is not always as matter of fact as one would expect. However the book is also a great read throughout and the action packed scenes where the boys begin discovering themselves and their natural propensity for the game are truly memorable. Perhaps Brooks’ ethnographic research is slightly baised towards the black man but there’s no denying that everything sort of falls into place towards the end as all those who were or are involved in the situation end up making it by some way or another.
One also has to take into account the scene in Philadelphia where all these boys are intrinsically waiting to become champions. The hard conditions in the slums are undoubtedly an important factor here but towards the end it does appear that these obstacles have been surmounted and that everything has fallen into place. Brooks can seem controversial in certain arguments but on the whole his is quite a believable narrative.
Persons in the book
Personally this was quite a touch choice to make but I would say that Jermaine is the person I relate most to as his rags to riches story is the stuff out of which dreams are made of. His affable character and the way Brooks manages to mould him demonstrates that nothing is impossible for anyone, least of all a child from the ghetto. And when one analyzes the whole situation, Jermaine turns out to be one of the greatest success stories of the whole programme notwithstanding the tough conditions in which he had to grow up and learn life. Brooks surely hits the nail right on the head with his assessment of this character.
Conclusion: a book rich in sociological commentary
Black Men Can’t Shoot is surely one of the finest sports books ever to be written in recent years and it is truly a huge joy to read from page to page. The way Scott Brooks manages to breathe life into his characters is surely one of the best aspects of the book and although it can appear to be flawed in certain respects due to bias, this is still the most complete narrative of such a situation. The humanism and sociological reflections which permeate the narrayive are also important topical points, which needs to be understood in full if one is to really appreciate the scope of the book. Scott Brooks has proven himself not only to be a good football coach but also to be a fine author in every respect.
Works cited:
Brooks S; Black Men Can’t Shoot; Chicago, University of Chicago Press 2009, Print

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