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Published: 2021-06-22 00:46:47
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The book is written by John and is written from a revelation he got of what the apocalyptic period would be and finally how God’s judgment would be meted out. Of particular interest is a revelation and event recorded in chapter four; how the worship in heaven is conducted. According to John’s revelation recorded in this chapter, he saw someone who looked so brilliant seated on a throne. Surrounding the throne were elders who were twenty four in number and four beasts at the centre. John saw lightning and thunder coming from the throne (NLT, Rev., 4, 4). The beasts were repeatedly saying how holy the one on the throne, God, was while the elders lay down their crowns and said that He, God, was worthy of their worship and of all honor.
I believe this event was necessary in this book which contains a revelation into the events that happen in heaven. The other preceding books in the Bible have their main focus on happenings on earth and even when they speak of heavenly life they don’t go to as much details as this book. The book is situated at the end of the 66 book collection and is a symbolic representation of the end of life on earth. Hence the worship is an introduction or a preview into the life that Christians would have in heaven.
The activity being practiced, worship, is used to show how life in heaven is- a life of worship. It also shows that God is not without people to worship Him as the 24 elders and the four beasts do that the whole day. Hence it is a call to Christians that they need God and not the reverse.
The book of revelation has been described by some as interesting while others view it as scary, probably due to the imagery given on heavenly creatures and other spiritual beings. However the chapter discussed above is a consolation to Christians that after all the hard work on earth they will have rest in heaven with nothing to do other than worshipping God.
New Living Translation. Ed. Carol Steam. Illinois: Tyndale House, 2007. Print.

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