Research Proposal On The Importance of Nonverbal Communication

Published: 2021-06-22 00:49:10
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Nonverbal communication has become important in the modern world. One thing that is worth nothing is that the world has today become more integrated than it was a century ago. This has been made possible by the technological and communication advancements that have been realized in the past century. This phenomenonhas been around for many years. Advanced technologies and communication networks have allowed people to both move and communicate across territorial boundaries. However, it is worth noting that the world is not homogenous in terms of culture. Different regions of the world have different cultures that are distinct from others./>
However, since the world is integrated today in terms of economic, politics, and social affairs, different cultures have to conduct business and interact with each other. For this interaction and communication to be possible, it is important that people from different cultures to be able to understand each other. Considering that there are diverse dialects and languages that are difficult to understand, nonverbal communication has been a key tool in the interaction of people in the modern globalized world. Because of the necessity of interaction among different cultures, which has been created by globalization, nonverbal communication is an important tool in the world today.
Phoebe Caldwell is one author who has stressed this idea. In the Book,From Isolation to Intimacy making Friends without Words, Phoebe Caldwell, explains how we can get in touch with people who are separated from us by culture, physical distance, religion, and other sources of social fragmentation. Caldwell explains that because some people cannot tell us what they want or, perhaps more importantly how they feel, there is a need for there to be a communication channel for us to get to understand each other. Caldwell understands how nonverbal communication can be important in addressing some of the barriers that are caused by our differences as human beings.
Caldwell explains that he has worked for over 30 years as a practitioner with people whose severe learning disabilities are linked with behavioral distress. She was a researcher for four years. In this capacity Caldwell widely studied patterns and trends within society which strengthened his thesis that indeed nonverbal communication is necessary within society. In addition Caldwell has been involved in the training of practitioners, parents and peoples from other related fields and careers in her successful. At an organization level, Caldwell has also been employed by NHS Social Services and Community and Education services to work with difficult-to-provide-for individuals (Caldwell 44).
Caldwell explains that we can use body language, ours and the others to build a bridge between us, leading to a conversation that takes us right to the center of their emotional world. The book states that the main thrust is how we can develop emotional engagement with people who are isolated from us by lack of speech. Also the book discusses that even with no language, how we can make ourselves understood, let alone and make friends. Caldwell said that the key to intensive interaction, which she shows is a straightforward and uncomplicated way, through attending to body language and other non-verbal means of communication, of establishing contact and building a relationship with people who are non-verbal, even those is a state of considerable distress. She continue explaining that "this simple method is accessible to anyone who lives or works with such people, and is shown to transform lives and to introduce a sense of fun, of participating and of intimacy, as trust and familiarity are established"(Caldwell 45)In conclusion, the author believes that the learning the body language and the nonverbal is not just a job that you are getting paid to do but has a very big meaning behind it.
Caldwell thinks that giving love to all these people and learning how to show real love to others and especially people who only can communicate nonverbally and to show these people that we they can really be understood, are such a big gift to have.and the another summary " In theirbook Communicating nonverbally: a practical guide to presenting yourself more Effectively, the authors, Howard Paul Travis and Kathryn Sue Young, explain how learning how the nonverbal communication can really make a change in the way we look to ourselves and make a good change when interacting with others. Paul Travis was teaching speech for at a university level over 37 years and he retired early from his teaching career in 2002(Young and Travis 27).
Sue Young was also teaching speech at a college level for over 20 years, and she is now a full professor at Mansfield University. Both of the authors also published two editions of Oral Communication, Skills, and Consequences. Sue Young and Paul Travis explain how grasping a true understanding of nonverbal communication can help you absorb all the necessary skills to make the others perceive your behavior and communication as outstanding. The book states that the rules of communication are changing a lot and rapidly, and researchers need to explore this new dynamic in the communication process.
The book also discusses some situations in real life and explaining why people react to these situations. The book includes a lot of suggestions for our image in specific situation to look perfect for that place in that time. A good example of nonverbal communication is a man and woman who are romantically involved are more likely to be closer than in a business relation between them.
In conclusion, the authors believe that nonverbal communication can be a useful tool in life and it would serve it in too many ways. Young and Travis write that “Effective nonverbal communication is an applied skill contributing to perceptions of credibility, trustworthiness, reliability, and professionalism" (Young & Travis 164). Non communication skills are essential and important for a successful social life according to the authors. Young and Travis also believe that through the exercises readers can identify the available choices for nonverbal behavior and the consequences that would result from their choices (Young and Travis 165).
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