Research Proposal On Sacrificing Privacy For The Sake Of Our Country Secures Us Against Terrorism

Published: 2021-06-22 00:49:12
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This proposal aims at revealing how the sacrificing of our own privacy can secure us against terrorism. Terrorism is an international concern which involves the commission of fatal crimes by citizens of other countries against a country or a group of countries (Saitu & Taylor, 2002).These activities are always driven by some ideology like international heroism or refusal to support an idea international which leads to punitive reaction like in the terrorist activities experienced between the Arab citizens belonging to Taliban movement against America.
Focusing on this as the main case study and others this proposal seeks to show how individuals or groups can secure their country against terrorism by sacrificing their privacy.
Scope and nature of the problem
Terrorism is an international punitive activity which threatens global existence of humanity. There is therefore very urgent need to develop mechanisms by which this anti-humanity menace can be curbed in the most effective manner. Looking at the world population that has been swept away by the Al Qaeda bombing activities and the suicide bombings in Western and Middle East and Asian countries, there is need for urgent solutions to be devised against such activities and sacrificing self privacy is seen as one of these main solutions (Saitu & Taylor, 2002).
Specific claim of the research
This paper gives the details of the need to sacrifice privacy not just of an individual or nation but its system in entirety and how this kind of sacrifice can help in the war against terrorism. The paper gives the kind of aspects which when sacrificed can help in the fight against terrorism. In other words, the paper’s platform is that on of the major factors as to why the fight against terrorism has failed is because of the preservation of privacy which can otherwise help in the war against the vice.
Aspects the research addresses
This research will use case study approach in showing how the sacrifice of privacy can help in the fight against terrorism. The paper will give examples of cases in which the sacrifice of privacy helped in the war with the track downs of major or minor terrorism suspects. The research will also discus the major aspects that need to be sacrificed for the war on terrorism to succeed , starting from individual level, to group, national and international levels (Peter & Swires, 2004).
Methods of data collection
The main method of data collection for this research will be the electronic searching method, using electronic search engines. A lot of information is available electronically on this as many people have written on what they feel about the issue of sacrificing privacy.
In addition I will interview major people working in the security department concerning this issue. The main disadvantage of this however is the constant unwillingness of these people to open up and give such information as they consider it confidential. In addition, I will use the questionnaire method. The sampling I will use for this research is purposive because not everybody can give competent information on the issue due to inequalities of competence. (Peter & Swires, 2004)
Preliminary findings
So far, I have shown how the sacrifice of privacy can help in the fight against terrorism. In this war, the government needs to keep its information system open so that important information can help in the fight against terrorism. People living in the target nations whose citizens are participants in terrorism are willing to give information that can help but this can only happen if the information system is not kept private (Peter & Swires, 2004).
At the individual and group level, the desire to protect life which is private must be fore as was recently seen among American forces who tracked down the leader of the Al Qaeda terrorism group. This was a major success which only came with the sacrifice of privacy.
Justification of the study
This study is in deed relevant especially to the fight against terrorism. The information from this research can help in the war when implemented by the security departments as it will lead to more successes in the war. The major targeted countries are America, Britain, East African countries which are the major targets of the terrorist activities.
Peter P. & Swires. (2004). Terrorism and privacy. New York: Oxford University Press.
In this book, the authors discuss the ways by which privacy is important in fighting terrorism and the limits in its application. They emphasize that privacy is what has denied the government the opportunity to successfully fight terrorism.
Saitu, &Taylor, N., (2002). Whose Liberty? Whose Security? The USA Patriot Act. Oxford: OUP
In this book, Taylor and Saitu show how the Americas can liberate 6themselves from th bondages of terrorism, through legislation which should allow for less private policies, but with some limitations, not being applied to all issues.
according to this issue which publishes on matters concerning security of the US the view points of citizens concerning it, the majority of the views in its latest issue are for the idea that indeed, there is need to sacrifice privacy at the three levels especially in the security department to enable the department access important information that will help in the war on terrorism.
The view points expressed in this magazine “the prospect” is of the same view above that yes, the government of the USA must not remain private in the fight against terrorism for the war to be successful and credits many world successes in the war against terrorism to an open system of the security departments.

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