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Published: 2021-06-22 00:49:00
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Traveling writing and sentiment of leisure
The Chinese travelling and sentiment of leisure are available from the old recorded dynastic archives and the present novels. Discovering the literature behind China writers requires a lot of serious studies because different writers have differing perspectives regarding the Chinese sentiment of leisure. Many sources claim that the Western and Japanese brought about the art of writing in China. On the other hand, the wirings found on Chinese arts describe how they transformed from the old means of doing things to the modernized technology. This essay gives an analysis of the different literatures that explains Chinese travel writers in the modern prose. The motives of this essay are to determine the main influencers for Chinese writers in the ancient times, and the effect of travelling for leisure. In addition, the essay focuses on the main reasons that lead to slow adaptation of the modernized methods of performing tasks among the Chinese culture. The methodology used involves selecting an essay that clearly elaborates the aspect of travelling writing. The book ‘The Priceless Moments of a Spring Morn: Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow’ plays a significant role in analyzing this topic. Some issues found in the book have a severe impact on Chinese modern writers and readers.
Literature is the writer’s creative work that usually conveys the sentiments associated with daily life activities, dwelling places, love and travelling. The Chinese literary works present affections related to daily life that are expressed in paintings, photography, films, and arts. In the idle thoughts of an idle fellow, the writer explains how his idleness resulted into a lot of travelling and learning of different Chinese culture. This shows how poets and writers sacrifice their materials in an effort to realize their dreams. Writing is an extremely appealing career because it gives an individual a sense of belonging after doing a thorough research about a certain topic. Chinese value their culture so much and have created various events in memory of their ancestors (Martin and Kinley 221-225). Liang Yuchun, the Chinese ‘Citizen of the World’, loved travelling for leisure and gathering information about China literature. Three key terms are used to describe the topic on travelling writing and sentiment for leisure. These are travelling, leisure, and writing.
The past years have seen an extremely growth in the discipline of travel writing. People have produced volumes of books about writing travel as they discuss their sentimental work. Various books are analyzed in order to understand the context of Traveling writing and sentiment of leisure. First is the book on ‘The Priceless Moments of a Spring Morn’ The author describes how he spent his leisure time travelling and writing. The writer explains the advantages of getting up late. In addition, he used to spend most of his time lying on bed giving him enough time to consolidate and remember some famous lines. According to Yuchun, resting assists in relieving some memories that are useful in day-to-day progress (Yuchun 648-649).
People travel for many reasons, leisure being the most common reason. Tourists have humble time viewing beautiful sceneries, taking photos, and recording videos. Most people use these observations to come up with a novel describing a situation they faced while travelling. Travel writers look for different ways of coping with their lies. The narrator of ‘Splashing Oars and Lantern Light on the Qinhuai River’ claims to have given a real life story but the narratives looks like imaginary work. Most writers have sentiment in their essays that make readers believe they discuss real life situations, while most of the writings are staged. However, the essay is very interesting because it narrates the life in water with boats and fishing. This indicates how funny it is to travel for sentiment and leisure, when someone is relaxed.
Presently, most Chinese writers are focused on literature and Chinese history. Despite many authors being accused of agitating the need for change from the traditional methods of writing to the modern, writing has remained an ever-growing business irrespective of age or gender. Moreover, there are many tourist attraction sites in the country where people travel for leisure as they gather information about their books. The traditional writings on literature focused on creative processes that created a big respond to the external world. Chinese culture fills the gap of economics making it easier for one to narrate the story about Chinese society and its revolution. Travelling writing and sentiment of leisure in China assists in checking the health of infant socialistic society. Under this context, the story of young Kin Daojing’s childhood life is analyzed. Different Chinese artists competed for cultural dominance in different cities (Denton 15-18).
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