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Published: 2021-06-22 00:46:02
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Rene Descartes, Meditations I and II: Descartes (1596-1650), the father of rationalism, stood at the threshold of the Enlightment, voicing what became a fundamental concern of Enlightment philosophers"? How can I know what is true? His solution is captured in a single, short sentence: "I think, therefore I am." How did Descartes come to that conclusion? Do you agree with him? Why or why not?

Descartes is believed to be a great philosopher of the time. His philosophy underwent a series of transformations and eventually, he landed a certain kind of belief which was a result of rejecting all the past theories that he had produced. He posed a question which questioned the power of reasoning. He considered a huge variety of questions that were proposed and then after reflecting over his viewpoints, he finally understood what truth is. Rationalism and reasoning became clear to him. He analyzed his situation thoroughly and then formed a clear judgment.

Descartes theory became refined in the era of 1600’s when he came to produce several paper works on his geometrical theories and all others. This was when he came to identify with the numerous discourses that were set forward and when reason became an understandable abstract notion to him.

His belief began with the idea that human beings in their youthful years tend to become biased when they form false and biased judgments. Their reasoningin those years is immature and is largely a consequence of what others have taught them to believe. It all changes later when these people begin to realize how everything that they are forcing them towards is a world that has been created by everyone else but themselves. He then framed the answer in the form of the famous one sentence ‘I think! Therefore, I am’. This sentence explains the belief that everything that we do is contingent upon the reasoning we have to offer. It is how optimism works too. If you have a painting in front of you that has a ship and it is battling with a heavy storm and you are fighting with it. How are you going to perceive that picture would decide what is worthwhile.

This conclusion was drawn by Descartes when he actually conducted his research on the people around him. The world forms itself when we lay emphasis on the cogito argument which entails to the fact that we must actually think and judge ourselves on our own and independently. You will be able to do that when you actually lay emphasis on this argument about your belief and your unbiased and unprejudiced thinking.

Furthermore, within the thinking being lies and independent self. There is an independent version of the self which seems to come alive within this newer self that is believed to be independent of the senses too. This is how Descartes comes to comprehend the idea of reasoning and ideology. He makes a judgment explaining that the thinking self actually has an idea of God. Within the thinking self, one actually finds everything and this everything pertains to God. So, when you are actually trying to decide what explains how God is found, and then we could actually discover that when we get a chance to find out who we are, then we shall become aware of what our personality entails to. Thus, Descartes assumed that one must separate the independent self from the dependent one to find out a newer self. You should be able to discover who you actually are inorder to be able judge yourself better. Thus, when you get to be a part of this world, you then understand how the world governs itself. (Garbar, 2008, Rep.)

Descartes opinion is justified and valid. I completely believe that when we separate the dependent selves from the independent selves, we tend to understand who we actually are. Therefore, we need to untangle ourselves to be able to figure out how exactly everything works so that we do not have to lose our own selves amidst figuring out others.


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