Plan And Action Research Proposal

Published: 2021-06-22 00:49:11
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There are two sets of activities identified to attain the study objectives. The first pertains to the research process and the second is the school’s use of the research results. For the research phase, the activities are (a) review of existing eye health information and service provision to schoolchildren; (b) conduct of a survey among parents, children, health-care providers; (c) observing actual eye examinations being conducted different settings; (d) processing of gathered information to identify the most appropriate strategies to maintain children’s eye care; and (e) validation and dissemination of research results.
The second phase is the school’s application of the research results. Here, the following activities can be launched: (a) focus group discussions; (b) general consultation; (c) meeting with eye-care providers; (d) selection / certifying eye-care providers; (e) assessment of children’s eye health; (f) evaluation of the implemented strategies.
Focus group discussions are held with separate groups so that each sector would be given sufficient space to discuss the results of the study. Parents may not feel comfortable talking about the manner of the providers of the eye-exams if they are present. In the same way, there might be terminologies that are used most often by eye examiners that might not be clear to those from other fields. The object of the discussions is to get the reaction from the different sectors and document their additional recommendations. After all stakeholders have been met, the general consultation follows. The aim of this consultation is to come up with a consensus on who should provide the eye exams and where these will be carried out. The springboard of the discussions would come from the research results.
A meeting with potential eye care providers will be carried out next and this as a business meeting for the school to explain the needs of the students and what the school requires from eye-care exam providers. They can even come up with a criteria of how exam would be carried out, when is it appropriate, and where can students take it (clinic or school). The school may also negotiate for other services such as regular eye health orientations for the children and their parents. The school may opt to certify one or several eye exam providers so that children would have clear guidelines to follow. Here, the issues of health care and private insurance may also be discussed.
The regular assessment of the children’s eye health needs to be integrated into the school calendar. This should be done regularly. Documentation of the different processes should also be done by the school. It would be best to form an eye health committee to address concerns. Members should include parents. Finally, an evaluation of this second phase (application of study recommendations should be carried out after a certain period. Perhaps at the end of the school year in order to identify which measures were successful and which strategies need to be revised.

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