Personality Development Course Work

Published: 2021-06-22 00:44:41
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Personality development
Personality development is the evolution of a logical course of characters and attitudes, which ensures an individual is unique. Personality development takes place through the continuous interaction of character, temperament, and the individual’s surrounding. Character is what makes an individual distinct and identifiable immediately after birth. Different factors have played a crucial role in shaping my personality, and among these factors, we have genes, which determine most of the people’s personalities but no gene specifies the character. However, they only organize the development of the nervous system that in turn molds the personality.
The other aspect that has shaped my personality comes from the adaptive trends associated to personal given environment. The environment that I grew up in has significant contributions towards my personality development. On the other hand, we have excellent parenting right from childhood through adolescence to maturity. Parents have believes and standards that we must all live by them. My parents for instance prepared me to adapt to various life situations while at the same time evading some challenging cases. The other factor that has substantially contributed to my personality is my character. The form of cognitive, emotional, and personal trends achieved through experiences, have remarkably established my thinking feelings, and character. These developments are continuous evolving depending on inborn characteristics as well as the initial, early experiences in relation to moral development.
Largely, much of my personality is about temperament because the way I act, shows some more relationship with my parent’s traits and I tend to follow their traits. This is attributed to my close interaction with them mainly at childhood, and whenever they did anything, they always consult me and sometimes take me to their personal activities. Therefore, more of my personality is temperamental. On the other hand, experience has also contributed a lot because as much as biological genes are concerned I have also encountered a lot teaching me on how to adapt to different life situations.

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