Personal Statement On Long Term Plans In Medicine

Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:24
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My long term goal is to become a paediatrician; this ambition was instilled in me following my paediatric rotation. My time spent working in this field of medicine was both fascinating and rewarding, and I am certain that paediatrics is where my lifelong career lies. I enjoyed having a role in helping children to recover from their illnesses, and working with them directly, every day. No two days were ever the same for me during this time, and I am dedicated to achieving highly in the paediatric field. Therefore, I wish to complete a paediatric residency on leaving medical school, in order both to develop my knowledge and skills, and to gain new ones.
As Brazilian, I love my country and my culture, and every time I visit Brazil I know that I am home. However, I am eager to live and to practice medicine in the US. I believe that experiencing a different culture will help me grow, both personally and professionally, and I would truly love to live in a more culturally diverse community, which is know is common in the US.
When I achieve my goal of working as a paediatrician in America, I wish to work in a combination of private and academic practices. I enjoy teaching as I like to share and pass on my knowledge and skills. Ultimately, I would like to subspecialise in the pulmonary area of paediatric medicine. I am motivated towards self-improvement, and wish to always be striving to learn more.
Overall, my main aim is to be a good doctor. I want to be able to contribute positively to my community and to help people. In addition to this I would like to act as a positive role model for my patients, their families and future doctors that I meet in my professional life.

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