Personal Statement On Letter Of Intent

Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:28
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Greetings! My name is [Name of Applicant]. I am applying for admission to [Name of University]'s Graduate School Entrepreneurship and Management Program. I strongly believe that completing this graduate program will prove mutually beneficial to me and to other people in the long run due to five main reasons: my skills, my work experience, a desire for lifelong learning, a service-oriented attitude and a penchant for duplication.
First, I know I possess the requisite skills to meet the demands of your graduate school program. The time I spent growing up in my native land, coupled with my attending various international schools, developed my fluency in English and Arabic. I am adept at database research and expressing myself through writing. I have also acquired leadership skills during my tenure with local sports teams, my student council the AISAFEST Carnival Staff and Yearbook Committee and the United Nations.
Second, I possess invaluable experience in clerical, management and human resources-related work—experience which I will utilize in the [Name of University's] graduate program. I can apply the logistics, organizational and customer relations skills I picked up to help me master my lessons, communicate with my teacher and fellow students and help others who may be struggling along the way. Organizing PowerPoint presentations is one of my specialties; I can apply that specialty with regard to class presentations and share my knowledge of licensing agreements and brand protection with my classmates.
Third, I firmly believe that the truly knowledgeable person never really "arrives." Despite my international training, I know I still have a long way to go. I also know that I need to differentiate myself from other entrepreneurs and managers in order maintain my competitive edge; thus, I tend to work even harder on myself than I do at my job. With [Name of University]'s help, I will take my expertise to the next level so I can turn my dream of establishing and running my own business venture into reality.
Fourth, a wise mentor of mine taught me that true entrepreneurship and management are really all about service. He always encouraged me to add value to other people. By doing so, I add value to myself and everyone benefits in the process. I am already serving people where I am, yet I know that I need to arm myself with additional resources that I may serve them better. My mentor taught me the proper attitude for serving others excellently; the graduate program of [Name of University] can do the same with respect to the proper skills.
Fifth, I wish to excel in the Graduate School Entrepreneurship and Management program because I want to encourage and support others in the very same way that my mentor did with me. Though I am not a network marketer by profession, I understand enough about the industry to know that its key feature involves duplication—training others to train others to do the business. That is precisely what my mentor did: he effectively discipled me by passing on his skills and attitudes to me and to every other protégé he guided. Likewise, I can see myself doing something similar in the near future. I will mentor the people who serve under me and pass on whatever lessons I glean from this program.
In closing, I learned early on that no one becomes successful entirely on their own. People need others to support them, encourage them and teach them what they need to know as they go through the process of success. Applying to [Name of University] is the next step in my journey, and it is my fervent hope that the people of the institution will walk the path with me. Thank you very much for your favorable consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

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