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Published: 2021-06-22 00:29:22
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The article discusses the unemployment statistics in 2011 and compares it with the previous year. Although the overall numbers indicate a positive employment dynamics, in comparison with 2010 the growth of employment was much slower. Moreover, the wage cost increase per year has exceeded the wage growth, which may suggest further decline in the employment in the upcoming years.
Globalization: Progress Or Profiteering?
The benefits and costs of globalization depend solely on the prospective, as it is stated in the article. While the rich welcome globalization as a tool to increase margins and reduce costs, the poor and unqualified workers see it as a direct threat to their jobs and wellbeing. However, the net benefit of globalization is reflected in the increase of the overall wealth across nations. Therefore, the challenge today is to accommodate globalization and to minimize the losses, while maximizing its benefits.
Canadian economy unexpectedly shrinks in November
Canadian economy has faced an unexpected decline in November 2011, with the GDP contraction of 0.1%. The downward trend could be observed in the commodity prices, finance and wholesale trade, while manufacturing and services sectors have registered a minor growth. It is impossible to predict whether it is a temporary turmoil or a continuous decline of the Canadian economy, however the focus on job creation helps to remain positive about the future and competitiveness of the Canadian economy.
Dutch economic growth sliding
Dutch economy is showing the signs of stagnation as indicated by the 2011 statistics. The negative trend is reflected in the low level of economic growth, in the decline in the household consumption, and in the modest increase in employment, exports and investment. All of these factors may be an alarming sign, which may show that the recovery from the recent economic crisis have not been complete, while the chances of the second wave of recession stays high for the Dutch economy.
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