MFA Filmmaking Admission Essay

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:35
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Admission Essay
In this essay I would like to describe why I consider that I deserve studying in the New York Film Academy to pursue the degree of Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking. First, I want to describe my personal history and experience that resulted in my interest to the art of filmmaking. Then I will show my aspirations and goals, how I can realize them with the help of the NYFA and how I can help the academic community.
I grew up in Canada, but decided to move to Hollywood due to my dream of creating content for the masses. I clearly understood that in there I had all the chances to realize my dreams and to make the difference in the sphere of my choice. When I did move in there, I saw what qualities I had to develop and what kind of knowledge I lacked. That was the moment when I understood that in the sphere of art it is never late to study and that there will always be something to learn. I saw the real core of the industry and fell in love with it from the first sight.
My interest to art started a long time ago. Ever since I remember myself, I have had it, one of the first favorite subjects in high school being graphic arts. After graduating from high school, I had a rather clear vision of what I wanted to do in my life. I saw that art introduced real life into my daily routine. Everything became so clear and beautiful when I found the right approach to it. At that time I learnt how to see the bright sides of every reality that surrounded me. Since then there was no event in my life that was absolutely negative. Every time I succeeded to learn some lesson and to enjoy my life. I understood that negative experience is a part of our life and that I had to learn how to deal with it to become successful. And I did it.
Thus, after high school I joined the New York Film Academy and studied here for two years, dedicating the first year to filmmaking and one year to producing. I gained valuable and interesting experience in this period of time. I understood that the atmosphere of this academy was exactly what I needed to develop as a professional – it was challenging, captivating and absolutely real-world. When studying, I clearly realized how I could apply the gained knowledge in future, which added considerably to my motivation and overall desire to study. I think that it is always important to understand why you study something, or otherwise you will not remember the material and there is no chance it could be useful for you. The experience I got in NYFA was definitely worth all the effort I applied, because after these two years I felt much more confident in my aspirations and knowledge base.
After completing my two-year education in the NYFA, I enrolled in the Art Institute of California, where I succeeded to enhance the level of my skills in general education and to become more efficient in the digital work flow. After completing the academic path that I described above, I can say that today I have a vast knowledge base in the filmmaking industry, but I clearly understand how much more I should learn to be able to call myself a professional in this field. I am realist in this relation and understand that only through hard work I can reach my dream and maintain my production company, increasing its effectiveness. And I see no better place to gain the necessary skills and knowledge than NYFA.
When I look back at the time that I spent in the academy, when I see and read the information about the institute, once again I understand that this kind of experience is exactly what I need. I have clearly set goals and I see that I can achieve them; everything I need can be developed in the NYFA. I know that I have to enhance my knowledge about the way camera is operated, film is edited, scene lighted, but I also want to gain understanding of the way different aspects of film are interrelated.
Currently I am involved in creating web content, commercials and music videos. I enjoy what I do, but at the same time I am eager to develop and grow in all the possible relations. In the nearest future I want to learn the leading techniques of filmmaking and producing that are used in the fast-changing medium that we have today. I know that with the highly-qualified tutors at NYFA I can achieve the best possible results within the shortest time. It is possible all due to the real atmosphere of filmmaking, in which the studying is conducted. I am eager to plunge into this atmosphere again and never leave it, especially after graduation from the academy, actively working in this industry.
I am sure that I can enrich the student body of your institution with fresh and easy approach to life, new captivating ideas and my great desire to gain new knowledge and enhance my skills. I am an active person, always eager to move on, develop and enjoy my life. I have various hobbies, such as surfing, biking, snowboarding, skydiving and badminton. I think it is the best proof that I can show the necessary commitment and drive to cope with all the challenges students face when pursuing MFA in filmmaking.
Moreover, I have always enjoyed being a part of friendly and pleasant atmosphere with healthy habits and customs preferred and facilitated. I will be very glad to share my knowledge in the spheres of my interest with other students and to contaminate them with my desire to learn and live in a decent way. People often tell me that I am an easy person and that it is great to make friends with me. It is true that I enjoy communication with people and it is one of the aspects in life that I mastered easily. Apart from communicating with my friends, I often help them to achieve their aims, because this is the sphere, in which I tend to succeed.

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