Management And Organization Behavior Case Study Examples

Published: 2021-06-22 00:38:31
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What was Joanna Reed’s diagnosis of the situation in the donor services department?
Employee commitment and relation is wanting in the donor services department. There is no coordination between them, as regards the conflicts they have among themselves. Dedication and loyalty to the department also lacks.
What should she recommend to Sam Wilson?
One recommendation is for Sam to hire another person to head the donor’s department as Jose seems to be so much concerned with the community issues. Secondly, there is need for policies that govern employee relationship and communication in the department, in bid to avoid personal problems influencing how employees relate.
Describe the managerial styles of Sam, Jose and Elena. What is the impact of their styles?
Sam and Jose have an almost similar managerial style. They are the type that believes in self-governance and motivation, leaving the workers to govern them in service delivery. On the other hand, Elena is the strict kind of managers that follows things to the very detail. She seems not to trust workers to work on their own but forces things towards efficiency. Sam and Jose’s styles seem better especially with the nature of the department as opposed to Elena’s that may yield better results but cause much harm to the department.
How can motivation be improved in the department?
Motivation can only be improved in the department, first by reconciling the employees and ensuring they read from the same script towards efficiency and effectiveness. This will ensure a good quality environment for working.
How should Juana be handled?
The nature of Juana as a person mostly affects her behavior; she seems to overdo her sense of humor. Regulations and policies restricting much socialization during work hours can do for her. Also, much of her idle time should be eliminated so she can be engaged most of the time.
What are the cultural factors that influence this case?
Diversity in language and social background are the key cultural factors affecting this case. Some workers are bilingual while others are not causing differences and misunderstandings between them. There is also some diversity in social background, especially as regards Magdalena.
Work Cited
INTERGRATIVE CASES ( pp. 673-676). The Donor Services Department.cSan Jose State.

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