Magazine And Editorial Design Course Work

Published: 2021-06-22 00:44:48
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The main disciplines in Graphics Design are web design, magazine and editorial design, information design, poster design, book and cover design, branding and logo design, design of motion graphics, and CD cover designs. My main interest is in the design of magazines and editorials. I derive my inspirations from Magdalena Czarnecki whose work I respect and appreciate. Amongst her work is the design of the A10 European magazine which I have borrowed a lot from. The design of this magazine has put into account the varied needs of the target audience by properly utilizing the design elements which include photography, texture, color, contrast, shade, and line.
In the A10 magazine, the overall format, and the arrangement of texts and photographs brings the aspect of simplicity. The magazine is very simple in design with A3, A4, A5, and A10 standard formats properly chosen. It depicts the gradual advancements in design by starting with the simple outlines or blueprints, then to the ideas which develop into prototypes, and finally into the finished work. A perfect visual aid is incorporated in the magazine and this helps in conveying special messages. The excellent choice of lines, colors, shades, contrasts, and textures highly complement the visual communication and simplicity in design. The uniqueness in Magdalena’s designs is the perfect balance between the texts and images. This helps in breaking the monotony and encourages the participation of the audience through predictions.
All my magazine designs borrow a lot from Magdalena’s work. I always aim at maintaining the professional design standards and at the same time focus on simplicity. The manner, in which the message and ideas are conveyed to the audience through the texts and the visual aid, is of utmost importance to me. I employ the use of design elements like color, texture, lines, and shades to perfect my visual communication. I also balance my texts and the images so as to break any form of monotony that may arise, and promote the audience’s contribution. Below are some designs from my chosen practitioner. Consider the simplicity and the perfect choice of lines, color, texture, and shades. Consider the choice of color and the perfect balance between the texts and the images. Also, consider the simplicity.
Magdalena Czarnecki
Chris Foges (1999). Magazine Design. RotoVision; illustrated edition
Stacey King (2001) Magazine Design That Works: Secrets for Successful Magazine Design. Rockport Publishers

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