Logical And Physical Security Course Work Example

Published: 2021-06-22 00:42:26
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Physical security prevents thieves and attackers from entering the system software’s with the help of cameras, electronic access controls, alarms, constructing fences, dogs and security guards etc. The major point of difference between the two is physical security secures the entire site and everything and anything that comes under it and Logical security curbs easy access to PC’s.

These days, security experts are more inclined towards ensuring Logical security. This comprises of anti-virus, anti-phishing apps, hardware and software firewalls and anti-spyware. Most importantly, one can easily update and reload the system software’s to boost the logical security of his/her system.

On the other hand, natural disasters like bad weather, earthquakes, landslides which can happen at any point of time and anywhere are the biggest threat to Physical security. One has to make sure before constructing buildings that area is not prone to such disasters and the past history is clean in that regard. One can manually ensure physical security by life-savior controls, environmental controls, physical controls, educating personnel, technical controls and administrative controls.

As a consequence, physical security can prove to be more disastrous than logical security since it affects the overall system and the system constituents including the logically protected systems inside. Choosing the right location and ensuring minimal probability of natural disasters can provide good physical security overall.

What are the major categories of physical security threats? Describe the differences between them.

Based on the causes, physical security threats are classified into two broad categories:

These include all the naturally posed threats like Volcanoes, Floods, Tornadoes, Snow and Ice, Lightning, Humidity, Dust, Static electricity, fire supply systems and extreme weather conditions.

Man- Made Threats

Out of the two broad categories, Man-made threats can be easily avoided from becoming a reality by paying more attention to our surroundings. One can ensure safety locks on doors, construct huge fences and take preventive measures in the very initial stages to avoid mishaps.

It is not one day’s task; it involves careful planning and a detailed research to set up an infrastructure with logical control facilities inside. As technology advances, security experts should act swiftly in understanding the current trends and should cope up with the increasing levels of risks.

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