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Published: 2021-06-22 00:43:45
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“Our viewpoints on philosophical issues are shaped by our fundamental values and beliefs.” Discuss in the light of the viewpoints given. Life is transient. The world will eventually perish someday. My cardinal value is based on this one notion, a confirmed belief that the world is bound to collapse someday. However, at the present hour, when everything seems real, the only virtues that stay by your side are temperance, courage, justice and wisdom. These are the cardinal values that tend to govern the entire life of a human. My life has been shaped by these four basic virtues.

The secondary values are the sub- headings of the main cardinal belief. How I practice my instilled values and beliefs is vital to my understanding. The secondary beliefs and values that I have are subject to slight modification. However, the core remains the same. The beliefs that I have are still resounding the four virtues. This is why I have been performing my life goals with the help of these essential values. What you have learned all along is something that you have been implementing in your life!

My personal mission statement overlaps with the cardinal values that I have. Life is temporary thus it should be lived wisely. If you wish to live your life with all honesty, then you could do that because these values and beliefs are vital for your survival in life.Thus, when you continue with your daily life, you must find out about the important aspects of life. You would have to use the aspects like wisdom and justice so that you could govern your own life completely!

“Even if God did not exist, religion would still be holy and divine. God is the only being who, in order to reign, need not even exist.” (Miner, University of Georgia Press, 2000)
God does not need a reason to exist. The existence of God does not decide how holy and divine the world is. Rather, the presence of God is needed in the mind of the individual. If you are conscious that God exists, then you will focus on the cardinal values that guide the lives of humans towards the right path.

Furthermore, how did God come to be known to his creation? It is because he wanted to be known to mankind. “God (or "The Supreme Architect") has a plan for the universe that is not altered either by God intervening in the affairs of human life or by suspending the natural laws of the universe.” (Lewis, Google e-book, 2010) This is where my spiritual belief stems from. The belief depends upon the fact that whatever He plans for his creation is left untouched by Him.

We are on our own. We are self-governed. The basic drive is the cardinal values we hold. Thus, we must know that the beliefs that we have should resound our spiritual development. This is how the human being is created. His personality is structured through his core values. Philosophy explains abstract concepts. Religion does the same. When the cardinal values are contingent upon the religious aspects, then the result is an individual who is sound in both aspects and can connect the core beliefs with the philosophical thoughts. (Carmine, Google Book, 2009)


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