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Published: 2021-06-22 00:39:07
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Taylor vs. Carter
In the matter concerning Taylor versus Cater, Taylor ought to prevail since he sustained injuries due to the misconduct of Carter. When Cater left her car in the parking lot and failed setting up the parking brakes properly, he put the life of individuals in that surrounding at danger. As a result of his misconduct Taylor become the victim of circumstances and was injured by the unoccupied automobile. From a legal doctrine perspective he committed a tortious act which is tantamount to a civil wrong.
Taylors claim is further supported legally by the fact that, cater as a driver is mandated by law to be careful and not compromise the lives of those in his surroundings. In the occurrence of the incident, Taylor appears to have thrown caution to the wind and embraced negligence as exhibited in his actions. He therefore violets traffic rules with respect to the use of parking lots, by failing to ensure that the parking brakes are set correctly.
However, on the other hand cater too is in a position to legally defend himself. This is due to the fact that, despite Taylor seeing the unoccupied runaway car at a distance of approximately, 125 feet she continued talking to a passenger. In light of the above fact and the ignorance exhibited by Taylor by failing to take action and secure herself from the runaway car, Cater is legally right to seek defense from Taylor’s accusations.
In the event that Taylor prevails and Cater losses He may decide to seek for an appeal in the high court. The high court ought to consider the fact that Taylor could have also prevented her injuries by taking appropriate action to prevent occurrence of the incidence. Therefore the high court will hold Taylor as being also responsible for her injuries by virtue of being ignorant.

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