Leader Of A Group And Member Of A Team Admission Essay

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:43
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I have been taught since my childhood that it is extremely important to be a team-player, irrespective of the roles and responsibilities. There is a proverb ‘A problem shared is a problem halved; indeed, when a person is working in a team, he is destined to reach success much faster, rather than working on his/ her own. Even though I am a leader inside, as I always set myself clear targets and manage to reach them, I have tries both roles – a leader and a member.
My leadership abilities have been developing since my early childhood. Going to school in China, I managed to reach considerable results in many spheres, let alone sport. I never hesitated when it came to participating in some concerts or competitions; neither did I hesitate when it came to either some assistance at school or outside of it. I did understand that unless I work hard I will not be able to pave my way in life. Not only did I develop my academic knowledge, I was a sportsman at school as well. I was honoured to become a captain of the school basketball team. Needless to say that such an opportunity did teach me responsibility and gave me strength. I realized that captain position called for stamina and understanding, as I wanted to be not only a leader, but a friend and support to other team members.
When I moved to Canada, the situation changed for me, as I was accepted to the school basketball team as one of its members. Despite the fact that I was a newcomer, I was noticed. That very opportunity helped me to have my feet firm on the ground, as through my team I managed to learn more about the school, get acquainted with others, and become a member of a completely new society. Moreover, I understood that it was very important to follow the orders and be supportive; as well as, I did help a lot to the captain with my suggestions and proposals.
Becoming elder I understood all the nuts and bolts as well as pros and cons of leadership, especially during my work experience at the manufacturing company. I had worked there during two summer breaks, and I did manage to grow from an inexperienced staff member to a group leader. I did climb the career ladder solely due to my personality and my efforts. First and foremost, thanks to my honesty and respectfulness I gained respect and support of all the team members; moreover, my experience as a captain helped me to become a real teacher to others, as it is extremely important to encourage and unite a group of people to reach tangible results. I have learnt what it is to be flexible, as a group leader is about to deal with several issues at a time. I am convinced that my knowledge helped me to reach success, as well as it will help me to move forward in future.

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