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Published: 2021-06-22 00:31:56
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Edward Jacobs
If we analyze the questionnaire responses, from Edward Jacobs, it would be possible to assess the impact of Edward the activities and his preferences over the organization.
An assessment of job satisfaction reveals a very high score of hundred, which means that Edward is very highly satisfied with his job and it is good for an organization to have a satisfied employee who is ready to put his best into the company where he is working. During the emotional intelligence check he mentions that he is aware from moment to moment of his feelings which means that he will be able to control himself in case if there is any flow of emotion suddenly. Edward mentions that he acts only after thinking and this makes him a right resource into the role of a decision maker. He also mentions that he can wait for something that he wants, which means that he would show stability in his role and would not be enthusiastic to move on to a better role just for monetary gains and in quick succession.
Failures are common in everyone's life and Edward agrees to the fact that if he fails, he can recover quickly and this will be a very important trait for a person involved in to activities like sales. Edward agrees to the fact that he's persistent in going after the things he wants and this is very helpful trait in people who are in a role where they have to meet targets. If in a bad mood, Edward is able to strongly come out of it and is able to perform according to the requirements. Considering the fact that the score received by Edward for emotional intelligence is 42, it is clear that he has a high emotional intelligence. Advertise also very deliberate decision maker and is highly engaged in to his work which is shown by a score of 42 on the scale that tests his engagement at the workplace. The assessment of happiness quotient clearly shows that Edward is extremely happy with his job, his life and his current state. Overall, Edward seems to be happy with his job and is a productive employee for his organization, who is strong in terms of emotions and is enthusiastic to perform and deliver.
Joan Ark
Joe’s job satisfaction score of 69, which according to the scale means that he is somewhat dissatisfied with his work. If we analyze, the key area where Joe is dissatisfied it would be the pay an amount of work that he does for his organization. This is not a positive sign as an employee for the organization. If we look into the emotional intelligence part, Edward seems to be moderately emotional and his responses clarify that he is unable to quickly recover from a setback and is also not very confident in handling social situations. An employee, with the moderate emotional intelligence is expected to display emotions at work frequently and therefore may not be able to take unbiased decisions keeping in mind practicality over emotions. Joe has a blended style of decision-making and he is more towards being a rash than being deliberate hence for an organization it is important to monitor such people for their decisions.
The result of the engagement analysis proves moderate engagement due to a score being 27, and for an organization this is again not a positive sign as the employee is not feeling strongly engaged in to his work and environment and this would always remain a concern for both the employee and employer and may even lead to employee attrition. Joe’s current state is depicting his moderate satisfaction and happiness with the work that he's doing and although his score does not lead to worry however is not very positive either from the organization’s perspective. Lastly, Joe’s emotional intensity is once again moderate and this would have a neutral effect on the organization as he seems to be fairly emotional however not so much to put an adverse impact. The overall assessment of Joe's importance to the organization can be discussed as he is not a very satisfied employee and may require adequate counseling to start taking interest in his work and be happy with the environment within which he is working.
John Jacobs
The first questionnaire response which is related to John’s satisfaction with his job clearly reveals that he is dissatisfied with his job and has negativity for the company for which he is working. John has a score of 27 for the questionnaire related to emotional intelligence and it is quite clear that he's not very strong emotionally, and is not able to recover quickly from setbacks or handle social situations either. John's responses to the decision-making questionnaire has a score of 15 which means that he is somewhat a rash decision maker and does not have are lot of objectivity attached to the decision that he makes which is definitely not a leadership trait. Any organization would always like to avoid decision makers that do not have proper logical flow while making any decisions. His engagement score is nine, which means that John does not feel or is not at all busy with his work and does not enjoy the same. This is a very negative sign and John is definitely not an adequate employee in the role which he is handling at the moment. His current feelings clearly show that he is unhappy with his work and the organization that he's working for he even expresses a little bit of anger for this company. Finally, Johns emotional intensity is moderate and a somewhat dissatisfied with people around him and the environment as well. Overall, John is very dissatisfied from his workplace and is definitely not an ideal candidate to be into the position in which he is working as he might not be productive for the organization or may end up creating issues which are not required.
Although, Edward among the other two participants seems to be an ideal candidate and is definitely enjoying his job, there are other two John and Joan who need to be assessed further. Joan has a satisfactory response to the work that he's doing however a NSPS self-assessment would help him to further find out the main problem for his slight and happiness and emotion. John on the other hand needs to go through NSPS and MBTI. NSPS will help him to understand his responsibilities related to his work and it can be found that what at his work is keeping hi dissatisfied. MBTI will be helpful in his assessment of his preferences and he will be able to choose the right path for himself and will be able to understand the kind of leadership style that he possesses and the kind that he appreciates.
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