I Would Like To Apply For A Place At Ubc School Of Business Admission Essay

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:40
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I am currently enrolled in year twelve at school, where I have a ninety-five per cent grade average. I am a conscientious student and my ambition is to train and qualify as an accountant.
I have three jobs, one which is paid and two of which are voluntary. My paid job is at Panago Pizza. I have completed over one hundred hours of work there and have never missed, or been late for, a shift. I have completed over two hundred hours of voluntary work for Sunlife Financial, where I work as an assistant. My experience with Sunlife has helped me to develop a good work ethic, as I am spend time there for the experience and not for any financial gain. I have also completed over forty hours of voluntary work for an SPCA animal shelter. Sustaining three positions while also fitting in school, homework and sports has taught me to manage my time effectively. It has also helped me to develop a good sense of discipline.
I am a keen sportsman. I have played on my high school basketball team in grades nine to eleven inclusive. The experience of working long-term with a team has significantly improved my team work skills. Further to this, in grade ten I received an award for my sportsmanship. I also played in Ridge Meadows Minor Hockey Organisation in grade nine, and was awarded the MVP award for my team in the Victoria Tournament. I enjoy team sports such as basketball and hockey as I enjoy interacting and working with others. I am also an active and enthusiastic person, and I have found sport to be one way of channelling these qualities.
I am hardworking, dedicated and like to give one hundred per cent in all areas of life.
Thank you for considering my application.

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