HVAC Company Internal Business Process Perspective Course Work Example

Published: 2021-06-22 00:44:01
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James River Air Conditioning is a heating and air conditioning company based in Virginia. The company provides its services to central Virginia, Petersburg, Fredericksburg, Williamsburg and Richmond residents. It is known for its excellent repair, replacement, construction and maintenance services in various fields. Its technical wing focuses on installation of heat pumps, air conditioners, chillers, boilers, cooling towers, ventilation systems and many other related services. The company’s commercial wing deals in building automated building systems and commercial comfort systems. Other services include preventive maintenance, plumbing and electrical services.

There is a need for this company to upgrade its internal business process to meet its main objectives. The company should improve internal business raise the quality of services it offers. This objective is important for the company because it strengthens the company’s repute as one that gives reliable and quality services in all the services it offers. This objective is emphasized by the company’s slogan; “When it is comfort that matters.” It will help the company expand its commercial services even beyond Virginia.

The company could be improving its internal business to gain competitive advantage over its rival companies. The company’s mission is to offer high standard services and the vision involves remaining competent. The upgrading of internal services would enable the company to offer services of better quality hence; it will be able to compete favorably with other heating and conditioning organizations in and around Virginia. Competitiveness is important since it enables the company to achieve its goals.

James River Air conditioning can also seek to upgrade its internal analysis because it wants to increase its areas of investments. This will enable the company to offer an even wider variety of services. The company offers services in air conditioning, heating, construction, energy solutions and even plumbing. Increasing the number of services offered is likely to increase the company’s revenue and profits. Furthermore, the company will be able to realize its mission of offering varied products, participating in community service and offering more employment opportunities to the residents of people around. The company will also expand its service provision beyond Virginia because it would have expanded too.

The company would then assess how each objective progress until the time it is achieved. The management would have to develop a plan to be used to measure the performance of each objective. Every objective will have to be assessed independently to measure the progress. The first objective is to upgrade the quality of the company’s services. The management can decide to carry out surveys amongst its clients to note any improvement in terms of service provision. This will be used to measure progress. The second objective is to achieve competitive advantage. The measure of the second objective would be to compare the financial and performance results of the company with those of its rival companies. The number of clients the organization has over its rivals can also be used to measure competitive advantage. The third objective is diversification. The company can measure its level of diversification by simply comparing the number of services it offers in the current period against the services it offered the previous financial period.

Each objective would have predetermined expected target. The company’s expected level of performance for the quality of services offered would be when the surveys conducted on its clients reveal that the services are of high quality. There should be minimal complaints from consumer. The target level of competitive advantage could be set using the number clients the company has compared to the number of clients competitor firms have at a certain time. A target for diversity of investments can be set by identifying the maximum possible areas of investments. The company’s management would then use those areas of investments as a benchmark for diversification of investment.

The company will have to develop a plan of action that would guide the implementation process of these objectives. To ensure the first objective is realized, the company should ensure that a quality assessment team is formed to assess the quality of services offered to all clients. This will help raise the service quality. The company should also increase its marketing campaigns to gain competitive advantage. Furthermore, the company should increase its investments which help in increasing competitiveness. For the last objective, the company should have a team of experts who will assess every potential area of investment to assess if it is beneficial to make any given investment. This will help in making sound investment decisions.

The quality of services offered by the air conditioning and heating company contributes to the quality of customer service. Improvement of quality of service is relevant because it contributes to the company’s reputation and helps attract new clients and hold onto the existing ones. Competitive advantage is relevant because it helps the company increase its financial muscle. Financial stability ensures continuity of the company and gives client confidence that the company values its customers. Diversification of investments is an important objective because it seeks to improve the company’s financial position. Increased investments help increase revenues and profits. Heating and air conditioning companies like James River Air conditioning should embrace such objectives. It will ensure they develop a good relationship with their clients, increase their financial stability through competitive advantage and diverse investments.

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