Human Resources Case Study Example

Published: 2021-06-22 00:34:57
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The current article highlight significant problems related to getting labour during the peak tourist season when there is an additional demand for life guards. Also this kind of a job is of a temporary nature and cannot be provided to lifeguards working in other locations. Also the hotels and resorts located in this area are unable to train other staff to work for this position. Hence, employers are forced to look out for individuals looking for a summer job.
Problem statement
Challenge 1: The article highlights a specific problem that of labour shortage during the peak tourist season. The article quotes “For these and other companies in the resort and hospitality industry, the seasonal rise in demand for workers creates an annual labor shortage”. This is mainly due to the fact that the job is temporary in nature and there are few local individuals looking out for a summer job which is not related to their career. These firms tried to absorb people from foreign nations, but this again is subject to frequent changes in the policies determined by the government.
The human resource needs to work towards a long term solution in order to combat with the labour shortage during the peak season. They need to launch training programs for lifeguards and should reach out to the local people to take up the activity of a lifeguard as a career. However, since this requirement is only for a temporary period of time, they can provide dual responsibilities to individuals. During the non peak season, the trained lifeguards should mobilize and train local individuals to be a lifeguard so that the resorts and hotels are adequately equipped to handle the peak season tourist traffic.
The tourism industry is labour oriented and during peak tourist traffic there is an increased need for labour. The hospitality sector in this region should also hold talks with the government officials in order to support their cause and provide some relaxation in visa rules so that they can bring in more individuals from foreign locations. However, it may take some time to get the desired results and meanwhile it is always better to be prepared for an alternated solution as given above.

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