How Have You Demonstrated Leadership Outside Of The Classroom? Admission Essay

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:28
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I believe in autonomous leadership: leading the way through personal example. I make confident decisions and follow them through to their conclusion. This is reflected in my decision to undertake an education at Rotman Business School: it is not a decision I took lightly, but I feel that it would lead to a qualification that would support my natural leadership ability. Rotman offers me the chance to learn innovative and integrative business skills that will help me in the workplace. Ultimately, I hope to achieve a Masters degree in Business Administration and I feel that this would be the first step towards that.
My path to leadership began while I was in High School. I found that my personality and qualities belonged firmly within leadership. I was extremely popular amongst my peers and this was the reason why I was eventually voted as Chairman of my school’s Student Union as well as Student Study Leader and Monitor in my class. In particular, my role as Chairman allowed me to explore my leadership qualities extensively; I gained a lot of respect from my peers for being a hard-working Chairman. I organised various basketball and table tennis games, as well as a day of planting trees, the school’s cultural festival and an organized school speech contest. This broad range of events reflects my broad outlook on life.
Whilst in high school, I took part in a number of sports but my favourite, above all, was always basketball. My skill, determination and ability to rally my team mates to get results was recognised by our coach who made me the team’s captain for two years, until I graduated. I feel that my above average ability to make excellent decisions, on the spot is what made me such a successful basketball captain, and is also what will make a successful captain of industry.
Since graduating, I have completed a number of voluntary positions as well as being Group Leader and Assistant Manager in a company who trade in fruit. During this time, I learnt the necessary qualities required to be an effective manager and leader and make well-thought out decisions. I have clocked up over 360 hours of voluntary hours through my work in the hospital, helping to look after the elderly. I believe that this demonstrates my understanding of respect: the onus is on leaders to reflect others’ opinions in their decisions.
My experiences of industry, plus the accolades of my various leadership roles within High School, have given me a wealth of leadership experience which the majority of young people my age, are yet to encounter. I believe that leadership grows through being a personable individual, working hard, being enthusiastic and following the proper methods; I am proud to consider myself to be all of these things and more, with a view to becoming a future leader of tomorrow.

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