'Hills Like White Elephants' Book Review

Published: 2021-06-22 00:30:50
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My character of choice is the American man. The narrator identifies this man as American man, the father of Jigs baby. In this paper, I will try to analyze the character of the American man. How he suddenly takes a stand on an issue that he feels is affecting their peace. In this he tries so much to convince the lover to accept the abortion issue.
In this story the narrator is convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that relationship is a two people affair and the most important thing is that the people live a life that is pleases them. So, through his story he is able to prove this stand he takes. In this paper, I will explore the relationship between and the truth behind the narrator’s notion that relationship is a two people affair.
The American man happens to be a very insensitive man who seems to be inhuman and very uncaring especially the way he handles and bullies Jig. He forces Jig into abortion, something that is against her will. He appears to be very mysterious in the ways he acts. The American man speaks Spanish and English and this is evident from the makes translations for Jig. He says that though he has never seen the white elephants he will never rest till he see it no matter jigs perspective.
The American man drinks beer a lot and this makes him to be irritated a lot especially when Jig comes up an argument. Though he is willing to and says he will marry Jig, he does not want it so. This brings to us his indecisiveness which as a grown up man is very necessary for independent actions.
He is also convinced that Jig should abort and we can see him communicating this to her in a very direct way but devoid the reality that comes with abortion. In this sense it seems he is not happy with Jig’s pregnancy and the extend he is able to risk her life just to make his wishes come true.
This American man is ignorant to the surrounding he lives. From the way he perceives the pregnancy of Jig it seems that he either doesn’t know of it or is just don’t care to know. Just like Jig, American man has not received much of sex education and may be is not ready to find. He is also not aware that he is the father of the jigs child. Ha also think that should the baby cease to exist, they will have a very happy life i.e. the baby blocks their happiness. This American man do persist much when Jig speaks. This portrays him as not understanding and not being a good listener. Regarding his obliviousness is not able to tell how difficult it is for Jigs to abort and does not see the abortion issue to be a big deal.
Despite the fact that this man does not change in character, he remains very loving and seems to care, to some extend, to Jig.
However, in analyzing this character am wondering why the narrator had to identify as an American. What is could be around him that makes him to be familiar with the Americans. Despite all these his identification is given as American.
In this story, the American man transforms in character when he starts to advice Jig to do what is contrary to her will. He also knows that this is dangerous to the life of someone he claims he loves but he still insists. he is rigid and proves hard to be convinced that what he is up to may ruin the life of Jig. This is motivated by his unwillingness to be a father. He can not get it that he is being a father, something he never expected.

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