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Published: 2021-06-22 00:49:14
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The purpose of carrying out this study was finding out the relationship between the number of r of institutions that ever had festivals or events in the name of anniversaries. In case there is an existing relationship, then an anniversary can be used such as the UNBSJ 50th Anniversary. The rationale for choice this study is therefore the UNBSJ 50th anniversary where everything intends to help in the festival.
Research method
There were two data sets in use for this study for the UNBSJ 50th anniversary, comparisons and making of conclusions. The data used in the study was secondary data from records kept by the university. However, this study sought to use the data for a purpose different from the one it was intended for. Previously, the data was just for records but this study uses that data to investigate if there is a relationship in existence between the number of males and that of females having have attended the institution.
The data is very convenient and appropriate to use since it is from reliable sources including government agencies which collected the data first-hand. Descriptive analysis methods were used for general comparisons between the two datasets.
Other methods used for general comparisons were box plots, individual dot plots, and histograms that tested for the acceptability of the data and also the normality of the errors present.
Main body
The data for general academic paper on the festival was separated into two variables (datasets) for the study to be conducted on their comparisons. It was noted that the number of male alumni was higher than that of their female counterparts in attendance.The dataset for the number of female offenders was considered as the dependent variable which could be predicted once the number of male students was known for the institution. From the data collected, there were numerous ways or methods used for analyzing for the purposes of determination of whether there exists any relationship between the women in attendance and women as well. Suggestions for improvement of the festival
the study in subject happens to have enough information on how there can be improvements done to the festival. This mainly requires it to concentrate on checking if there is any connection with the help of the number of both genders in attendance.
Limitations to the research method
The first limitation was lack of information when preparing this general academic paper on the festival regarding the institution as well as the festival. Descriptive statistics are statistics that provide a general impression of data which was difficult to come across during the research. Time was also a limitation where there was no enough time to conduct enough research as those willing to help were busy doing their work.
Summary of the report
Past studies and records have shown a relatively similarity between the men who attend and participate in the UNBSJ 50th anniversary and the females who attend the same. There have also been observations that there were always more men found to have performed important chores irrespective of which department it was compared to the women in numbers who performed the same chores. The same records have shown that of the total number of attendants in all the festivals carried out in the UNBSJ 50th anniversary.
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