Free Thesis On The Roles Of African American Soldiers During The Civil War

Published: 2021-06-22 00:49:39
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The significance of the role played by the African American soldiers in the civil war has often been disputed by different people based on various rational and irrational arguments. One of these arguments is the fact that during the civil war the mortality rate was 35% higher for the African Americans than for other soldiers. Those from this school of thought believe that the high mortality rate was as a result of the African American soldiers being unskilled in war matters. This argument is however countered with the fact that these soldiers had been involved in the 1812 Revolution and hence had gained experience back then. All through history these arguments remain unsolvable due to the avoidance of each party to give a rational look at the other’s argument. The African American soldiers played a significant role in the civil war through their participation in both covert and intelligence operations. Although most African Americans had participated in the American Revolution and the War of 1812, they were not allowed to serve in the military or any other distinguished disciplined forces because of a Federal law dating 1792 that banned African Americans from bearing arms for the U.S. army and also because most were still working as slaves. African Americans were also very good at gathering intelligence for the Union army that they were dubbed Black Dispatches. One of the major contributors to acquiring intelligence was Mary Bowser. The Navy also had African Americans in it most were runaway slaves who were given employment and good wages. They made up for 16% of the Navy ranks. The major role played by the African American soldiers was to add to the current numbers and strength of the U.S. military. However the Union army was reluctant in using the African Americans in the battle because they felt that they were not as skilled and as brave as the white soldiers so they gave them work as carpenters, cooks, teamsters, guards and scouts.

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