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Published: 2021-06-22 00:47:20
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Dear Cousin,
The colonies are blessed indeed. What with all of the uproar amongst some of the colony magistrates concerning taxes and all we may have war. But in the midst of that, we have one of the greatest ministers to preach the Gospel since the great Apostles of Christ. If we do go to war with the home country, we cannot blame a famine of the word of God in the land. Perhaps the land will be blessed for generations to come. Who knows cousin? I’m sure generations will speak of this man and the impact of his ministry for years to come.
I’m sure you are wondering about the man’s religious background. Well, cousin he’s a true-blue Anglican minister. Oh, but I’m not sure that the higher authorities are to pleased with his behavior and some of the testimonies from his meetings. There is actually an account of a young free black man by the name of John Marrant roaming the wildernesses of the country and imitating. The young man claims that he was profoundly touched by God to the point where he was knocked to the floor while Whitefield continued to utter what he calls prophetic words.
I’m sure you’ve heard of the Wesley brothers; you know, the boys that gather singing people and invite the towns people to their meetings. Once there, they claim feeling the most amazing things on the physical bodies. Some testify of trembling, shaking and falling out. I’ve experienced some of it myself. These things happen at the Whitfield meetings. God is real cousin. The one thing I will tell you is to watch out because Whitfield supports the brutality of slavery in the south. Wesley opposes it however. I hope he influences Whitfield for the good. Perhaps Wesley (John) takes influence from the Moravians of Count Von Zinzendorf. Would you believe that they hold a steady of prayer for quite some years now. Some of the Moravians have actually sold themselves into slavery to see it broken from over the people and minister to the abducted.
But let me get back to the meetings. Cousin, natural law can’t supersede the laws of God. At least that is what seems the way to think after seeing such signs and wonders at Whitfield’s meetings. I mean miracles. Some are experiencing unexplainable healings. Natural law states that everything builds from nature. The laws of nature don’t have a place for the miracles being seen at these meetings. The physically sick are healed and the demented in the mind are made whole. Cousin, there must be more to life and the world than what we can see.

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