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Published: 2021-06-22 00:45:59
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A. Personality Insight Test

In the first section of the whole test, it showed to me the results of the whole test that tested my personality and how well I could adapt with the people around me. The results showed to me that I am a very good with people, an extrovert which is pretty much a result that I am very happy with because it seems that I am on the right track in selecting a course related to business for a career. The Jungian test showed to me that I am a collected, cool and an observant person, traits that is very good in the field of business. The third test was quite surprising because it says that I am a type of person that loves to do things at almost every given minute and I do not like being unoccupied with something.

It was quite ironic that I have gotten that result considering that I love speaking with people and making new friends, plus also chilling out because studying takes a lot out of people. The fourth test on ambiguity showed to me that I am a person that is capable of always thinking positive regarding any given situation, which was good because of my chosen career. The last test for personality that tests my creativity was quite disappointing because it showed that I am neither creative nor uncreative. I was stuck in the middle.

B. Values and Attitude Insight

The next section of the tests signalled my true belief on what I value and what my attitude is really like. The first test showed to me that I care more about being honest and being with honest people and I also care about finding eternal life, which then proves that most of my actions have a reason and a purpose. In terms on how I get involved in a job, it was good that I was in the middle again because it gives me the capability to grow as a person and having balance in what I do. Satisfaction in work was next and I scored pretty well with 65 as it shows to me that I am satisfied with my job and I have my reservations to how well I could do in the next few jobs that will be done. The last test for this section had me questioning myself because it was about how good I react to workplace diversity. I scored 2 which means that I am a realist, I listen to both sides and I would act accordingly to what I believe in.

C. Motivation Insight Test

The third section of the test tested my motivation. The first section of the test showed that I was satisfied with my growth, my existence and relatedness which was really good. It proved to me that I am very satisfied with what I have and what I am getting. For the other scores, I was good with the result because it showed that I was a very accepting and satisfied person. The next test showed to me that I am very protective of my capabilities and my rights thus the need to be secured with my job and that I could chose for myself. When I gotten to the Theory test, it was good to see that I was flexible enough to understand the things around me that show that I am very good for my course and from the task I have selected. The test about what drives me to study was I guess normal because I really did not want to fail. The next few tests showed to me that I am a person that likes to succeed through hard work and perseverance. But I do not put the concept over my head because it would completely damage me.

D. Decision-Making Insights

This section amused me because of the results it has showed me. Despite my inclination to succeed in what job and course I have selected, the results showed to me that I am still prone to become bored with what I do and eventually forget that I am doing a job. As far as my ethics are concerned, it was rewarding to see that I could work with anyone, given that we believe in the same norms and ideals.

E. Others

The last few tests tested by emotions and how I would fair in the business industry. For the emotional test, it showed to me that I am in touch with my emotions and it would be a good asset in business. Productivity wise, it was surprising that it showed to me that I am a morning person and not a night person considering my knack for laziness. Planning wise, I am also quite good which is very great considering that I would need to be a good planner when going into business or to any decision. Lastly, the final test on my capacity to be an entrepreneur, the result was good but I would need to study hard and practice my craft.

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