Free Course Work On Obamas Health Care Reform

Published: 2021-06-22 00:44:43
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Arguably, health care is one of the fundamental things that directly affect the entire population in the world. United States is not an exception when it comes to health care policies. President Obama administration has made reforms on health care a priority. Most popular media companies in United States frequently argue on the Obama’s plans in the health care sector. Others support the plan, while other views it as a waste of time.
Perhaps, approximately 85 percent of American people already have health care insurance; hence, to them the plan comes as a bad news. The primary objective of Obama insurance plan is to extend the formal insurance to the few individuals who belong to the low-income class, and cannot afford the insurance. The plan is outstanding this is because it tries to bring equality, and accessibility among the Americans. The crucial problem is that the cost incurred is too high (McKenzie & Pinger, 2011). As per the Obama’s plan, the cost will be met by raising income tax, to those individuals with a high level of income. This has a double effect, but the ultimate goal will be achieved.
Another health care plan is to ensure that employees receive insurance cover from their employer. The plan will cut alt of costs that the government would have spent on them. The policy is related to my care policy. The plan is meant to ensure that the employees provide for their employees. The impacts on the employer are hefty, but in the long run productivity will increasing, countering the adverse effects. Obama’s health care plan has mandated that all children in United States should have health insurance (Vivar, 2011). The plan is a good future policy; this is because the plan solves the future problem. In the future, the entire generation of Americans will be having health care insurance. Hence, in the coming year, the issue of health care will be something of the past.
Undeniably, companies selling out insurance policy can be tempted to sell insurance cover at an expensive price due to its demand. In his reform plans, Obama advocates the establishment of a one-stop market, known as NHIE (National Health Insurance Exchange). The policy is particularly relevant to my care policy issue. One-stop marketplace enables customers to compare prices and buy the insurance cover (Vivar, 2011). In fact, the government should establish a standard price of the insurance cover. This implies that Obama’s single payer plan will reduce competition in the insurance industry. On the other hand, it is of relevance to ensure to balance between the demand and supply of medical practitioners. Having an insurance cover and absence of doctors, invalidates the rationale of ensuring that everyone has an insurance cover (McKenzie & Pinger, 2011).
The reform on equal premiums on insurance regardless of individual health status is relevant to my care policy. This policy eliminates discrimination that most insurance companies have, by rejecting people based on pre-existing health conditions. Undoubtedly, the issue of high premiums could be reduced by introducing a mandatory emergency insurance cover. As a matter of fact, it does not make sense if the economy is affected adversely. Yet the monies used to subsidies and pay for other health care related issues, it could be used in another productive sector of the economy (McKenzie & Pinger, 2011).
Conclusively, Obama’s health care reforms plan expands coverage for all American people, holds all insurance companies accountable, provide sustainability on health system, as well as increasing the affordability of health care. Despite all these benefits, the reform plans faces many political and economic barriers. The Administration of Obama has a crowded agenda and other priorities such as; energy policy, Afghanistan, terrorism, Iraq, taxes as well as reducing the effect of economic crisis. Hence, failure of health care reform policy will affect Obama’s political career. The Obama’s health care reforms seem global and noble, but in-depth analysis reveals so many unintended impacts. For example, rationed care, high cost, low quality of health care, increase in taxes, and economic crisis are the most unintended outcomes.
McKenzie, J & Pinger, R. (2011). An Introduction to Community Health. New York: Springer.
Vivar, M. (2011). Obama’s Health Care Reform. London: Print.

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