Free Case Study On Israel War 1967

Published: 2021-06-22 00:37:50
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The strategies adopted by the Israeli forces in six day war of 1967 are not only important and exemplary for the warfare but the policies are equally effective for the other fields and purposes, provided that these policies are implemented with the same honesty as it was done by the Israeli forces in the war of 1967. In this paper, we would examine the strategies followed by the Israeli forces and see how these policies can be utilized in the business sector.
a. Before starting of war, Israel wanted to negotiate with its opponents on several issues. This strategy is very useful in the business sector and should always be utilized before taking any major decision.
b. Israeli armed forces waited for their opponents to take a move and when their opponents started taking different moves, Israeli forces came to know opponent’s strategies and when after they hit knowing all the plans, their opponents shattered. This strategy is very significant in the business sector. A good businessman should always try to know the plan of his opponents and should act extensively once he is well aware of the strength and strategies of the enemy.
c. On June 5, 1967 Israeli forces attacked its opponents and destroyed their air force and military bases which paved the way of Israeli forces massive victory over their opponents who were many times bigger than the Israelis in size. This strategy of Israeli forces is very important for the business sector. It suggests that the time and energy should not be wasted unnecessarily. It should be utilized to give a deadly blow to the competitors at the appropriate place and time.
The strategies followed by the Israeli forces are very useful for the business sector if these are implemented genuinely.
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