Free Case Study On Unethical Conduct at Boeing

Published: 2021-06-22 00:36:03
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The stakeholders affected by unethical conduct at Boeing
The illegal and unethical behavior at Boeing especially during the time of Condit and Stonecipher is rather apparent. Such behavior impacts greatly on the wellbeing of the organization through various stakeholders. In the Boeing case, the affected stakeholders are both those from outside the firm as well as those that make up the internal environment of the organization. Perhaps the most conspicuously affected stakeholders are the shareholders. Fundamentally, the shareholders are the owners of the business organization. They have the right to access all information that relates to the true and fair view of the organization. It therefore follows that they are justified to seek litigation like they did during the time of Philip Condit. They were affected by the fact that the CEO and his team had to doctor the figures of the statements indicating the financial post of the company.
Moreover, the other affected stakeholder is the competitor. The competitors are external stakeholders as they are usually concerned about the activities of the organizations that are posing serious competition. During the time of CEO Philip Condit, the competitor to Boeing, Lockheed Martin, discovered that the Boeing management was in possession of illegally acquired company documents. Such documents, which were essentially the property of Lockheed martin, did give Boeing an upper hand in the bidding process. This amounts to illegal and unfair advantage. This prompted the pentagon to impose a 20-month deterrence on Boeing with regard to applying for state contracts.
The other stakeholders that found themselves victims of the unethical and illegal conduct of management are the management itself and the employees. The management was affected by the unethical conduct since the two chief executive officers Condit and Stonecipher had to vacate their positions following the misconducts. The employees, especially the female employees were affected by the unethical practices involved in promotions and remuneration practices. This prompted the female workers to seek litigation.
The approach to CSR adopted by Condit and Stonecipher
Corporate social responsibility is basically the relationship between an organization and its environment. The way in which the organization interacts with the community and general society within which it operates constitutes its approach to social responsibility. The approach that Condit and Stonecipher adopted was quite unethical and deceptive. This is because, much as benchmarking is a good approach to CSR, the manner in which documents belonging to Lockheed Martin were acquired was illegal and amounted to professional malpractice. It is as well clear to observe that the two Chief Executives, Condit and Stonecipher adopted an approach that created common value. For instance, Darleen Druyun is hired to facilitate the assigning of the contracts. The aim here is for the company to gain and in return pay the officer of the air force.
The propositions of CEO, Jim McNerney
When Jim McNerney is appointed to replace Stonecipher, he comes in with stern policies and propositions aimed at changing the organization's culture in a bid to attain admirable ethical and legal standards that give equal opportunity to all. One of the most notable propositions made by McNerney is openness and accountability. This will go a long way in improving the ethical standards in the organization since it will eliminate the inadequacies hidden in the re-tape bureaucracies.
McNerney emphasizes employee growth and cultural overhaul. Changing the culture means the new culture will be designed to remedy the old system’s inefficiencies with regard to ethics. Lastly, McNerney proposes teamwork and legal conduct. From his career at General Electric and 3M, McNerney is known his high regard for ethics. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to doubt the fact that the new outsider CEO will implement the propositions and remedy the inadequacies of his predecessors.

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