Free Business Plan On Instalation And Maintenance Of Lightings For Big Supermarkets And Hotels

Published: 2021-06-22 00:31:58
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Different Types of Lighting Available in the Market:
A broad range of lighting lamps is available in the market. Following lights are commonly used in big super markets, hotels and other bigger space places:
Incandescent: this type of light is also known as incandescent bulbs. The bulb provides light by heating a specific material kept inside the bulb in the form of filament with electricity. The filament is supported with wire on both sides. The incandescent bulbs are widely accepted and compatible with any temperature. Bulbs do not carry any hazardous material and simple in technology.
Metal Halide Light: These lamps are known for their high light production. The light is formed by using Arc tube, outer bulb and metal base. Metal halide light produces output by forming electric arc in presence of some specific gasses. The lamp does not produce light immediately when its turn on. It takes some time for warming up to maintain inner pressure the desired temperature. In case of power interruption the light can not turn on immediately.
Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp: this type of light is manufactured by using Metal Halide salt, Mercury and argon inside the ceramic tube. This is modified version of metal halide light. The light produced by lamp is bluish that is almost similar to daylight.
Pulse Metal Halide Light: these lamps are modified version of metal halide lights. They are more energy efficient and cost savvy. The design used in lamp helps in maintaining temperature more quickly and effectively than traditional metal halide light. The quality of light produced by pulse lamp is better and lamp life is also longer than metal halide lamps. The latest technology break the gases faster and increase the warming up process hence pulse metal halide lamps take lesser time in producing full light.
Compact Fluorescent Light: Fluorescent light works when electricity get passes by mercury vapor. Mercury vapor convert electricity into ultraviolet light which further absorbed by phosphorus layer and we get fluorescent light. Great amount of electricity get lost due to conversion of electricity into ultraviolet light. Life of light is higher than incandescent and halogen but lesser than LED lights.
LED (Light Emitting Diode) Lamp: LED produces light from diodes and diodes can be semiconductor, organic or polymers LEDs. These lamps are very efficient in producing lighting with low power consumption. The lamps have longer life and provide better quality of light. LED lamps are useful in both common and specific purposes. The LED light is available in three forms in the market; T5, T8 and T10. Major specifications of these three varieties are almost similar the difference comes in sizes of tube lights. T5 light is comparatively thinner than other models. LED lights have better life with no flickering. The lights are highly energy efficient and can work even when the voltage is unstable. The light is safe to environment and carries no hazards.
Selection of Light Lamp for a Supermarket:
Lighting in the stores and big super markets plays a significant role. It is very important for a customer to see and evaluate his merchandise before making a final purchase. In bigger markets lighting should be sufficient enough so that customer can read all the labels, price, dates etc. and make a purchase after full satisfaction. If the lighting is good the strain on the eyes will be less and customer will be able to spend more time in the market. Majority of the big boxes and super markets spend 10 to 15 percent of their energy usage on the lighting. In supermarkets the height of ceiling is always higher than 15 feet hence a high energy efficient and bright lighting is required. The use of high energy efficient and good performance T5 lamps will not only providing ample lighting but also reduce the electricity consumption approx one third.
Comparison of T5 LED with other Lights:
T5 LED is better than other sources not only in electricity consumption but also on other parameters.
Comparison of Different Lights
Metal Halide
LED – T5
Environmental and health Hazards
Glass, Argon and Nitrogen
Mercury, argon and various other metals
Mercury and Ultra violet rays
Very less Ultra violet emanation
Lighting Performance
Not very good
Good Performance and quality light
Medium performance
High Performance, good quality light
Energy Efficiency
3 percent, Consumed high power
24 percent,
20 to 22 percent, Efficient
75 to 80 percent Highly Efficient
Life of Lamp
Very less 2000 hrs
3500 hrs.
Better life of lamp around 8000 hrs.
Highest life than other, around 25000 hrs.
Instant Start
Apart from above mentioned characteristics T5 LED also carry other advantages like;
They are unbreakable
They carry no chemical hazard
Lighting direction can easily control to minimize the electricity wastage
Over the period of time the performance of lamp does not deteriorate and output remain same throughout the life of lamp
Metal Halide
LED – T5
Buying Price
Electricity Requirement
60 W
42 W
13 W
9 W
Environment Friendliness of T5 Light:
The T5 lamps are very environment friendly unlike other lamps which emit harmful chemicals and gasses. T5 lamps do not have any mercury and harmful gases like argon etc. the lamps are made of plastic or aluminum which does not allow lamps to get break down. Other category of lamps are generally made of glass hence they are harmful if breakdown. T5 lamps produce very less or negligible amount of ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays can cause cancer and other deceases hence T5 lighting is good for environment and safe to use.
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