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Published: 2021-06-22 00:29:22
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Despite the technical competencies of some star employees, their serious personality flaws can be a real problem. In their article, Waldroop and Butler (Waldroop and Butler, 2000)1 suggest efficient tactics to help managers deal with their employees’ bad habits and make them be successful. The competencies of star employees represent 95 % of their success, but the remaining 5% is a fatal personality flaw that might be destructive to their career and surrounding. These flaws can be summarized in six behavioral patterns: the Hero, the Meritocrat, the Bulldozer, the Rebel, the Pessimist and the Home Run Hitter. These personality flaws result from the lack of understanding of others’ perspectives, inefficient use of power, failure to comply with authority, and a negative self image. A successful manager can always intervene to help their troubled employees become efficient. For the Hero, the manager can help him control his pressure on his peers, understand their work pace and focus on the long term strategic decisions. For the Meritocrat, he bases success on an ideal world and fails to account for facts. The manager can assist the Meritcrat go beyond his own analysis and have him accept ideas and critics from others. Regarding the Bulldozer, his control over his peers can be damaging. He should be made aware of his mistakes and confronted with them. After that, the manager needs to make sure that the Meritocrat contains his controlling attitude and monitors it. Pessimists have a negative energy as their fear from change and failure blocks creativity and innovation. The manager can motivate the Pessimist to evaluate the risks of change as well as its pros and cons. He can make him feel that the change will be implemented with caution and make him accountable for the success as well as the failure resulting from the resistance to change. The Rebel usually shows a contrasting behavior to express his dissatisfaction. The manager can change the Rebel’s attitude by making him cooperate with others and participate in making a positive change. Regarding the Home Run Hitter, he tries to act too soon. It is good to recognize his ambition and help him improve his career ladder by being patient. The role of a manager is a psychologist and a leader who helps employees who are willing to improve themselves. It needs to be well prepared, specific and followed up upon.

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