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Published: 2021-06-22 00:26:14
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The following paper has been written with a view on budgetary reductions and reforms and how they affect the public. It is important to assess the consequences of the reductions, and when introduced, necessary fallbacks too must be introduced for the public.
Members in Favor of the proposed issue and its solutions: 14
The current changing scenario of globalization coupled with the declining revenue has led to change in governmental policies in order to maintain a balance. One of the main aspects of this change is budgetary reductions. Public service delivery is majorly affected by the budgetary reduction, but it is important to evaluate the implication of the budgetary cuts. Perceived revenue shortfalls determine the reductions, on monetary borrowing, public services or scraping of funding programs or permanent policy change. Whatever reductions are levied, it is the general public that is affected by such reduction policies.
Implications of Budgetary Reductions
In view of the economic meltdown, budgetary reductions seemed the plausible solution, but these reductions have many implications. Replacing of current plans with cheaper alternative is the common practice, but these could result in lesser jobs and higher rate of layoffs.
The current plan of the government to abolish 10 health authorities and 152 primary healthcare centers will directly affect 60000 managers all across the country. This move according to the officials will result in 3% efficiency saving. But ethically the question remains that under such turbulent times like today, a budgetary cut like this can have severe consequences on the general public.
Welfare in another area of expenditure that the government is reviewing in the wake of current economical crisis. The Department of Work and Pension spends nearly $ 8bn in distribution of $ 145bn or so in benefits. Cuts on the benefits will hurt the poor, who are unable to support family and are living off the benefits.
Children services are a major expenditure for the government as there are a rising number of child protection referrals and more youngsters and children are up for protection. A lot of the federal budget is spent on youth and children welfare, family support and schooling. Cuts on these essential programs would mean substantial savings, but will affect a large number of children, studying and depending upon state sponsored programs
Cut son house planning and construction in this economy is another step that might not have the desired effect. Budget cuts in this sector means joblessness for a substantial amount of workers and professionals and many more people added to the housing waiting list.
Axing of local grants and other services in wake of budgetary reductions might save the face for the country, but for the people, it could prove to be a trouble.
Possible Alternatives
Budgetary reductions maybe necessary in the present times, but its effects on the public is much greater. Also ethically it will rob them of their basic necessities, making it much more difficult to survive. The public administrator needs to introduce reforms, but with other alternatives upon which the public can rely to fulfill their needs. There needs to be a thorough impact assessment of the proposed budgetary reductions. Short, medium and long term implications as well as the cost of these consequences must be weighed before the application of the cuts.
Cuts when introduced must be backed with a possible alternative that would provide relief to the public. Public administrator must introduce welfare programs for every suggested budgetary cut. These welfare programs would have strict guidelines and regulations, failing which no compensation or help should be granted. In order to implement the stated changes, the public administrator must formulate a committee that overlooks the details of every category, and suggests ways for the implementation of the cuts.
Before the spending review, public administrator must address the public needs and their interests. Policies that affect the public must be replaced by alternatives upon which the public can rely. Even though budgetary cuts and reductions are a method of fighting economic pressure, it can severely dishevel the life of the public, thus such reforms must be introduced in parts, with substantial solutions.
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