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Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:27
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"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life", - a famous philosopher Confucius once said (Career Wisdom). This quote was not really clear for me until the moment I started thinking about my future career. Luckily, it happened naturally and all I had to do in order to realize what I would love to dedicate my life to was going to cinema with my friends.
Who would have thought that a movie could have such a great influence on me back then – when in sixth grade I watched “Fast and Furious’ film with my friends and all I can remember is a strong feeling about cars I experienced at that moment. I would call it a rage for cars, because I decided that my life should be somehow connected with mechanics and it definitely was the reason why I chose Mechanical Engineering as my current major. Besides, I do my best to be in the know of the latest news regarding automobiles – being a subscriber of numerous magazines about cars, I confidently keep abreast of events in the world of automobiles and mechanics.
I strongly believe that my analytical mindset perfectly disposes to engineering: I have always been good at Maths at school and while in 8th form I even took the third place in the interschool competition. I am pretty sure that my analytical skills were of great help for me in life and, specifically, in passing my GRE exam with the score of 311 and my analytical reasoning with 86th percentile. I also had a great opportunity to demonstrate my innovative way of thinking when doing my project work in ‘Regenerative Braking’ in my 6th semester, praised by my examiner.
Currently I am obtaining my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and the main reason I decided to move on with an advanced degree is that I really strive for excellence in the filed I am studying. My greatest desire is to become a professional in what I love doing and master my knowledge in core concepts about structures, dynamics and solid mechanics. As a result I would be able to accomplish my ultimate goal – I would love to be a designer and developer in automobile industry in the nearest future and I have already started to take first steps to reach success in my aspirations. I hope to become rich one day so that I could help people in need – as an active member of college club, I have already started doing some charitable activities like collecting money for orphanages and organizing blood donation in my city.
I consider myself to be a self-motivated person with prominent leadership skills. If I have a certain task or goal, I do not need any external motives or pressure to have the job done. One of my valuable traits of character is the ability to adapt to different conditions and act accordingly. Besides I am a team player as I always try cooperating with people whenever we have a common target – it is much easier to achieve it when everyone makes their own contribution. Apart from that I work hard in order to reach what I want, thus I will do my best in studying, so that I could be a professional automobile designer and developer with a thorough scientific background. I consider the University of Santa Barbara to be a perfect place for obtaining Master’s in Mechanical Engineering as it possesses the best research technologies and, most importantly, the most valuable human assets like Dr. Keith Kedward and Dr. Glenn Lucas who could definitely help me acquire precious knowledge in my major.

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