Example Of Linux Server And Windows Argumentative Essay

Published: 2021-06-22 00:27:57
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Network manageability
Any network administrator would like to have a simple way of managing a network server. There are various ways of managing tasks in windows and Linux. Network administrators schedule tasks that will be performed during the day. Windows has a scheduling capability in the control panel unlike Linux. One way of scheduling tasks is using the inbuilt scheduling programs that are found in the operating systems. In the Windows server operating systems, there are scheduling tasks that are found in the Administrator tasks panel. One will be able to schedule the programs in given intervals and also in the way they like. If one wants a certain program to be started at a certain time, they will get these from the system tools which come with the operating system they have installed. There is the use of scripts in Linux and DOS in Windows. For Linux and UNIX operating systems, there are very good scripts that are able to help in scheduling tasks. One of the examples of scripts commands for scheduling tasks is the use of at command. The at command is used when one wants to schedule one-time tasks. There are two methods of using the at command. The first method is typing at and the time that you want it to run.
Linux server has the possibility of altering the kernel so that it fits the given network. This is not possible with windows server. This means that Linux server is flexible as opposed to windows server. The network administrator has the option to alter some configuration like the protocols that are supported after the network has been installed with much ease.
The overall performance of a network in any given operating system that is used in the network is something that is to be grabbed. The performance of both server operating systems is separated by a thin line. Linux servers are known to work for a long time without being restarted so that services can still function well. This is not the case with Microsoft. If there is a program that needs to be added, Windows beats Linux server here as the program can be added without having to shut down or restart the operating systems. In Linux, there will be the need to restart the systems thus affecting the performance time.
In terms of business continuity, Linux is way ahead when compared to Windows. One of the ways for ensuring business continuity for Linux is by writing shell scripts. This, however, is old-fashioned way. Writing scripts is the process where the system administrator will write commands that will automatically backup data at some given intervals and during some specific times. This will require experts in order to write these shell scripts. Another method that will be used is employing the use of third-party software that will be used make the necessary system restore in the event of disaster happening in the system. Most of the time, the software from third-party are effective and manageable. There is a built-in data recovery plans that are found in Linux systems. These are used to recover files in case there are emergencies. There should be also the automation of policies so that administration overhead is also reduced. There will also be the provision of an intuitive unified console.
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