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Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:22
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The pursuit of justice, particularly in relation to Intellectual Property Law, made me choose to apply for the law program after school. I was determined this was going to be my area of specialisation. I am particularly interested in copyright and patents, as studying Intellectual Property Law during my Bachelors degree in Russia made me appreciate the issues surrounding copyright and the need for copyright and made me want to study how copyright can be protected. I have research experience in this area, as the theme of my Diploma was about ways to protect authors’ rights, and my final research paper was entitled, “The Ways of Protection Author’s Rights in Russia and Worldwide”, touching on aspects of implementing Intellectual Property Law in Russia. Having worked as a lawyer for years, I realise now how poorly the system of Intellectual Property Right is practically implemented in Russia and how many issues it still has to resolve.
After being involved in the programs offered by the International Business School (Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management), I moved to New York in 2012, to be able to familiarise myself with the US legal system. Following a brief stay in New York, I moved to California to work with a high-tech start-up company: this has provided me with hands-on experience to learn about the legal system in the US. I believe this experience has been very valuable to me in terms of equipping me with more practical, hands-on, experience of how to implement Intellectual Property Laws. I feel, following my studies and my practical work experience, that I am ready to begin formal training in the US and feel that the program of Technology and Law fully matches my interests. I am interested in this specialisation, in particular, because of its focus on Intellectual Property, Information Privacy and Entertainment Law and because of the law clinics that students can be involved in. I strongly believe that, following my studies in Russia, my research and my work experience, I am fully capable of undertaking research in my chosen area, at my chosen school.
It is my ultimate dream to understand Intellectual Property Law fully so that I can transfer my knowledge back to Russia to improve the regulation of intellectual property here and to perfect its legal system in this regard. I believe that the courses and practical experiences offered during the specialisation would allow me to learn many transferrable skills that I could put to use in Russia. It is my ultimate aim to pursue an academic career as a legal scholar and believe that the practical experience I would gain in the US, during the specialisation, would allow me to attain this dream and to refine Russian law in this area. I particularly like the fact that the specialisation includes law clinics, during which I could gain valuable practical experience as to how to deal with, analyse and then implement Intellectual Property Laws. It is my firm belief that I have, following my studies and my work experience, the necessary academic background and experience to make a success of the specialisation and to be able to transfer the new knowledge I will attain to the legal system in my home country, Russia. I would be honoured if you could review my application and accept me on to the specialisation.

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