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Published: 2021-06-22 00:47:58
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New Product Development and Launch in the market
This report entails the development of a marketing plan for the launch of a new product which I have named I-Active Multi-Function Cleaning System to be presented to the American intercontinental brainstorming conference which is a meeting of elite entrepreneurs and marketing executives. As a marketer I have worked hard to make this product popular among the consumers and decrease its failure in the market.
The product I will develop is known as the I-Active Multi-Function Cleaning System which is a three in one cleaning system. The cleaning system is unique in that has three of the major cleaning systems that consumer require and above all it is a big tome and cost saver to the consumer. This innovative cleaning system incorporates a system that dilutes the cleaning product that suits the cleaning task needed. A market research reveals that local supermarkets are full of cleansing products with almost similar cleaning products that are produced by a handful of companies. However most of them are for one purpose only and they are manufactured to specific standards and therefore have no versatility. Consumers have to go through the agony of buying and storing a wide range of cleaning fluids that can only be used in a particular way and for one task only. This product relieves them of this agony so that they don’t spend their leisure time buying a myriad of cleaning products.
The specifications of this product are simple basic to use yet very efficient in cleaning tasks. Firstly, it has a cleaner that cleans all organic liquids for example those found on household surfaces that cannot be damaged by water such as floor, wooden surfaces, walls, utensils and appliances. Others include hand washing as well as fabrics that are color fast. Secondly, it has a sprayer that has a super concentrate for cleaning surfaces such as glass, windows, chrome, porcelains, mirrors, ceramic and stainless steel surfaces. The third component is a zooming device that also used a super concentrate for removing grease and oils stains that are tough to remove.
These three products are to be packed in 300ml formulation whose concentration is five times more that of liter-packed products. The makeup has the sprayer that has a water bottle and a separate dial for making a dilution of the fluid depending on the surface to be cleaned. The dial ranges from a lowest range of “all water’ to the highest ‘all product’ and the system is light such that it can be carried by hand as well as a user friendly control on the dial to avoid wrong measurements or splashes. Another unique feature of the multi-functioning cleaning system is that all the fluid reagents are biodegradable as well as the whole packaging.
In conclusion, this product has many benefits for the consumer. Firstly, it has a handle that can be collapsed thus making it light and easy to clutch. Secondly, the cleaning fluids are powerful with a long shelf life and packed in compact bottles. The sprayer is an added advantage to reduce spills as much as it is durable since it can last for at least two years in domestic usage. The dial on the sprayer enables diluting the fluids according to the task it is to be used for. The nozzle is also adjustable for the right spray and it also comes with a trigger that is convenient for all hands. The grip is designed for comfort and control and the lock is secure from spillage and convenient for refilling. These benefits are attractive for consumers who have cleaning needs as well as the saving their time and money (Proctor, T., 2000).
Proctor, T., (2000), Strategic Marketing: An Introduction. London: Routledge.

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