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Published: 2021-06-22 00:31:39
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Business Plan; ‘The Cigar Shop’
The Cigar Shop will be a retail store. The Company will offer a big variety of specialties and branded tobacco products.
These include cigars from Mexico, Spain, the UK, and other tobacco producing areas. Also the company intends to serve cigarettes, including local and foreign brands, roll-your-own products for customers wishing to make the cigarettes of their own choice, pipe tobacco from around the world, and accessories such as ashtrays, pipes, cigar cases, fumidors etc.
Start Up Plans
The Cigar Shop will be an establishment that will offer a combination of pleasure and service. The idea of providing such a variety of cigars and cigarettes will cater to those who are Specialty Smokers, Recreational Smokers, Average Smokers & Occasional Smokers, inviting to those who and also for those who may not be familiar yet want to learn and try these. The Cigar Shop will be for teens above 18 and for men & women, young or old, with a variety of price range.
Product: Description of products
The Company will offer widest variety of specialty and named brand tobacco products
The cigar Shop will offer the most exquisite brands of cigars produced around the world, such as: Braniff, Victor Sinclair, Indian Tabac, Balmoral Royal, Primo Del Rey, La Gloria Cubana, Tony Borhani
The Cigar Shop will also be offering a widest range of accessories, that will be unique and captivating such as; ashtrays, pipes, tobacco jars, cigarette and cigar cases, fumidorsflasks, cleaners, lighters etc.
Market Analysis
Our target market consists of four segments; Specialty Smokers, Recreational Smokers, Average Smokers & Occasional Smokers. A survey has been carried out to see the Market Segmentation on cigars and the results are as follows:
Mostly men, on the rise with women and young people, increased concentration in 40-60 year olds, Educated, 2% are women, 10-12 million occasional smokers in the U.K.
Strategy and Implementation Summary
We aim to serve people according to their taste and choice, offering them a variety so that they have a wide range of choices, to enjoy their specific selection or to try new pleasures every time. This will be achieved by offering the following:
Varity of selection
Informative service to assist the customer when required.
Creating an ambiance that will makes these pleasures much more attractive and appreciable
Promotion Strategy
Advertising will be used as primary marketing strategy, we will advertise in most of the local community papers. Word of mouth will also be a part of our advertising strategy i.e. through friends. We might also consider local radio, leaflets and bill boards.
Management Summary
The expected date of Inauguration is 30 Sep 2012.
Mr. X will be responsible for the advertising and marketing. This task shall start as soon as the plan is approved. Hiring of employees will also be the responsibility of Mr. X.
Mr. Y will be responsible for contacting and finanalising a suitable location, contacting the retailers, and the concern people required to bring forward the shop in its presentable form. Work on this task has already been started.
Executive Summary
We intend to select a location that is the heart of city, easily accessible, have parking facilities etc. Also The Cigar Shop will be the only shop offering so much variety and unique in kind. It will be the only establishment hat will provide taste pleasure, service and information all under one roof, hence benefiting fully from the positioning strategy. Once this strategy starts working, the profit margins will start increasing.
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