Example Of Case Study On Examples Composition Immigrant Jobs

Published: 2021-06-22 00:33:48
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Many immigrants come to this country in order to make money quickly. They do not know the language, and they do not understand the culture. The Immigrants usually work hard for the worst and lowly paying jobs. First, we know that immigrants work in restaurants as dish washers, cooks, waiters and waitresses, bouncers and cleaners. Working in restaurants calls for patience and humility as the immigrants have to learn strange menus and handle difficult customers who tease and harass them. Their wages are also surcharged for utensil breakages they cause further reducing their earnings. However, the job has some advantages in that the workers can get substantial tips from customers to supplement their low wages. Most restaurants operate short shifts and therefore immigrants working there can afford to work on other jobs and make more money.
Besides working in restaurants, immigrants also work in construction sites. They work as masons, carpenters, welders, loaders among other construction works. Construction work is physically demanding. The workers lift heavy concrete blocks and steel bars as they build. The workers are also prone to injuries from falls or instruments. The advantages of working in construction industry include the availability of such jobs and therefore those with the skills can afford to get employment all year round. Moreover, they earn well for overtime hours. Recently, advancements in technology have led to lesser cases of injuries in the construction industry.
Finally, majority of female immigrants work as baby sitters. In spite of such a big responsibility, most employers do not appreciate their work. Most employers offer them flimsy benefits such as a few-hours of leave each week. Majority of employers do not offer medical, housing and other allowances all employees are entitled. The advantages of babysitting may include free housing and food as well as some tips.
Immigrants come to the United States with hopes of making money quickly and living better lives. Most of them understand neither the culture nor the language of the native country. Immigrants work in restaurants as cleaners, waiters and cooks. Though restaurant workers earn tips and work shorter shifts, they are lowly paid, are usually harassed by customers. Immigrants working in construction work as masons, carpenters, loaders among other jobs. Their work is physically demanding and they are prone to injuries. However, construction jobs are many and therefore reliable. Immigrants working as babysitters may get free housing and food but again they are given few hours leave and low wages. Immigrants ought to be treated with more respect and offered better salaries and benefits since they contribute to the growth of the economy.

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