Example Of Business Plan On What Can We Do With Recycling In Africa

Published: 2021-06-22 00:31:33
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In the past, majority of the people especially in Africa had a notion that recycling was associated to large organizations only. Due to the continuous advancement in technology growth, people have come to realize that recycling is inevitable, and therefore they should be involved at every stage of it. The first move on the recycling problem entails developing a positive consciousness at all times, and that waste products can be put back into some useful form. In essence, having such a mentality allows one to be a proactive recycling member.
A case study carried out in South Africa revealed that the country produces over sixty seven million cubic metres of waste annually, Gauteng province listed as one of the regions generating the highest volume (Ackerman 72). The good news is that despite the lump sum waste produced, a substantial fraction is recycled. Personally, I can attribute the merry news of recycling to the country’s exposure to western countries, which has allowed them advance technologically.
Recycling in Africa is very crucial. With such a process, we can achieve many objectives such as Job creation to the unemployed, energy saving, avoidance of global climate changes. This is because through recycling, the use of greenhouses helps reduce gas emission that maybe otherwise harmful. In addition to the mentioned importance, it is worth knowing that space for waste disposal is also saved. Furthermore, recycling spares the exploitation and misuse of natural resourced. Research does not only indicate, but also proofs that recycling is economical, and thus improves the economy of the people embracing it (Alez 47).
In essence, we can do many things with recycling in Africa. However, the primary objective that is achieved is that on environment conservancy.
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