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Published: 2021-06-22 00:31:34
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Human Resources Management
Performance Appraisal for Shop Operators
Employee’s Name:
Review Period From: To:
Type of Review
This appraisal is given on a scale of 1 to 4, as explained below:
1: POOR. Work performance is substandard and unacceptable (UNSATISFACTORY).
2: FAIR. Work performance is acceptable but NEEDS improvement. Employee is having performance problems.
3: GOOD. Work performance MEETS the normal work requirements. The employee completes all the assigned tasks as required.
4: EXCELLENT. Work performance BEYOND the normal work requirements. The employee completes all the assigned tasks as required and delivers exemplary work.
Section 1: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Highlighted herein is the evaluation of primary knowledge, skills, and abilities for the given task.
1. Competent, understands, and executes the duties and related work assignments as required
2. Able to follow safety procedures
3. Able to read precision technical plans, blueprints, drawings, and models
4. Able to make quick precise movements
5. Ability and Knowledge of how to make changes to machines and their operations to match the requirements of the technical plans, blueprints, drawings, and models
6. Able to stay on task and make quotas
7. Able to see small detail or flaws
8. Able to take instruction and communicate problems as well as progress to management
9. Knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry
10. Able to produce an output that matches the technical plans, blueprints, drawings, and models
11. Effective working knowledge of required tools and equipment
Section 2: Execution of Tasks
This section evaluates the extent to which the assigned tasks are accomplished and the primary job mission achieved.
1. Locate specific materials needed for each job order and move it to the cutting area
2. Select tools and techniques needed per job order
3. Operate machine to ensure all clearance requirements are met
4. Adjust machine to ensure measurements are accurate
5. Move unfinished pieces to fabrication for completing, or schedule shipping to customer
6. Stay on task and meet quotas, as well as communicate problems and progress to management
7. Follow all the safety procedures for the current machine in use as well as the safety rules
8. Work produced meets the quality requirements of accuracy, neatness, thoroughness, and efficiency
9. Consistent production/output
Section 3: Self-Development and Interpersonal Skills
This section evaluates the extent to which the employee is resourceful, focused, accepts responsibilities, manages tasks, generates solutions, and contributes as a team player.
1. Able to set clear and achievable objectives, and work towards attaining the results.
2. Self confidence and confidence in others
3. Make decisions, take actions, and accept the responsibility.
4. Able to encourage the team, support training, and provide constructive information and positive feedback to the team
5. Ability to maintain confidentiality
6. Clear, concise and well organized communication
7. Able to handle conflict constructively
8. Punctuality for work.
Summary of Appraisal
1. Overall rating of the employee (based on the scale of 1 to 4) as stated earlier
1: POOR.
2: FAIR.
3: GOOD.
2. Major strengths of the employee (performance elements that contributed most to employee’s success)
3. Areas of performance that need the most improvement
3. Actions that need to be taken by either the employee or the supervisor to improve the employee’s performance
Evaluation Conducted By:

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