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Published: 2021-06-22 00:31:39
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Executive Summary
Gandirk Real Estate Group LLC is a limited liability company registered in the state of New Jersey on 10/03/2011. Primarily, the company operates in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, Mexico, and other parts of the globe. Its founder, Thomas Gandirk, who was born in the family of real estate agents in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a young but highly experienced professional. Mr. Gandirk has over four years’ experience in retail sales, ascending to Department Manager at a retail store. As Department Manager, Mr. Gandirk was responsible for customer service, inventory orders, and selling supplies. This experience has taught Mr. Gandirk how to fulfill customer needs, management of multiple tasks, addressing closing methods, and marketing real estates. These skills will be vital in building a strong foundation for the establishment of a successful career in real estate. Since the company offers a wide range of properties from cozy little studios to luxurious villas all over the world our target audience could be anyone looking for home, office, place for relaxing, entertainment or retirement. Regarding the ways of marketing our services, it is network, Internet, website, online forums, and groups.
Business Model
The major objectives of Gandirk Real Estate Group LLC are:
Strategic Objectives
Capitalizing on the availability of real estate opportunities
Developing corporate social responsibility within the identified community
Identifying upcoming real estate markets and coming up with ways of capitalizing on investment opportunities
Achieving improved performance from the 12 highly motivated, and hardworking employees
Maintaining exceptional working relationships with our customers and offering discounts to returning customers including the establishment of 95% satisfaction rate from the customers
Financial Objectives
Achieving a $5,000, 000 turnover in the first year, $20 000 000 by the end of the second year, and doubling the figure to $40,000,000 by the third year.
Registering positive net sales by the end of the second year
Recording an improving Gross margin and achieve a break-even point by the end of the second year
Estimated number of monthly transactions: 5-10
Estimated number of yearly transactions: 30-40
Keys to Success
Gandirk Real Estate Group LLC’s profitability, competitive advantage, and long-term sustainability depend on the following factors:
Provision of quality, safe, and state-of-the-art facilities to customers at competitive prices
Maintaining positive relationships with home buyers, real estate agencies, and organizations that purchase homes for their clients
The ability to provide complete real estate facilities to clients. Such services include consultation services, appraisal of real estate projects, and sale preparation
Imitable levels of professionalism and management experience from Mr. Gandirk
Description of services and products
Gandirk Real Estate Group LLC offers properties and services within the real estate market and these covers services to cozy little studios to luxurious villas all over the world. The services include mortgage services, real estate management, title services, facilitating the sale and purchase of new homes and apartments. Other crucial services offered by the company include:
Home search database where the company avails a wide volume relating to the real estate markets across the globe
Consultancy services covering different housing patterns and information regarding the purchase of new homes
Collecting a comparative market analysis for real estates and availing the same information to potential sellers
Appraising real estate projects
Property preparation that will help sellers to set up realistic prices for their new properties, prices that are inclusive of value
Target audience
Gandirk Real Estate Group LLC has unlimited target market because anyone looking for home, office, place for relaxing, entertainment or retirement. Focusing on specific target markets is vital for the sustainability of the company and hence, all marketing initiatives undertaken by the Company will be geared towards the satisfaction of the marketing needs of individuals identified under this segment. The Company targets homesellers, homebuyers, and real estate investors and it upholds a higher level of professionalism when conducting all activities relating to its line of work. Speaking of homesellers, these individuals will be seeking for marketing services from Gandirk Real Estate Group LLC coupled with other professional and consulting services related to the sale and purchase of new homes. Similarly, homebuyers will be looking upon the company to help them in identifying homes that suit their selected criteria. As such, it will provide the buyer with the ability to view a wide variety of products without necessarily having to travel to the exact location of the property.
In terms of market segmentation, the largest market segment for the company will come from retiring individuals and homebuyers from the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, Mexico, and other upcoming but profitable real estate markets across the world. There is no doubt that the majority of individuals intending to retire are in search of new homes to buy. Market trends shows that individuals in the targeted market segments prefer taking mortgages to paying rent because the former guarantees them of home ownership. On the other hand, urban professionals and corporate individuals are attracted to home ownership and hence, this population segment offers an ideal target market for the company. Finally yet important, the company will utilize services from real estate agents in situations where the matching criteria and the needs of the clients cannot be matched by the available techniques within the company. As such, the company will be able to realize its objectives of ensuring over 95% customer satisfaction.
Parties identified as the target market audience require quality, comfort, convenience, and exceptional services that can only be delivered by the company. The company will ensure that it delivers these services in order to fulfill the needs from the clients. A critical examination of the market reveals that the economy around New Jersey, the USA at large, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, Mexico, and other parts of the globe has strengthened significantly coupled with the changing attitudes of individuals because more individuals prefer to purchasing homes.
Through the home search database, the company intends to capitalize on the delivery of real estate services and options to clients located in different parts of the globe. Other than fulfilling the needs for the clients, the company will be able to expand its revenue generating abilities.
Revenue, expenses, and estimated turnover
As earlier outlined under the financial objectives section, Gandirk Real Estate Group LLC intends to achieve a $5,000, 000 turnover in the first year, $20 000 000 in the second year, and doubling the figure to $40,000,000 by the third year. The company also plans to break even by the end of the second year coupled with an improvement of gross profit margin. The number of transactions undertaken during the trading period is vital in determining the level of revenue for the company. For this reason, Gandirk Real Estate Group LLC estimates the number of monthly transactions to stand at 5-10 with yearly transactions being upwards of 40.
The expenses to be incurred include start-up costs, legal costs, rent, office stationery, money for paying salaries, and money for purchasing short-term assets. The company also anticipates incurring large volumes of long-term liabilities and assets. Money for funding the start-up costs from savings from the principal investor and short-term loans. The company’s financial anticipates that Gandirk Real Estate Group LLC will register a positive net income by the end of the second year. The principal investors have also budgeted enough funds and investment to cater for uncertainties and other unforeseen costs during the course of the trading period.
Plans for the future
Realization of success in the competitive real estate industry is dependent upon a multiplicity of several factors and the company aims at achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. This will be achieved by trying to outcompete our own performance levels in addition to ensuring that we are ahead of our competitors. Gandirk Real Estate Group LLC will also ensure that it offers unparralled services characterized by customer-centeredness, quality service provision, and employee satisfaction. Marketing strategies will also form an important objective for the company. Financial performance will be monitored on a quarterly basis to ensure that the company improves on its best. Finally yet important, the company intends to open branches across all major real estate markets in the world in order to take advantage of real estate opportunities.
The management and ownership of Gandirk Real Estate Group LLC commits itself to following strictly the goals and objectives specified under this business plan (Eric, Siegel, Brian, Ford, & Jay M. Bornstein). Before commencing the business, the management will ensure that it has satisfied all the legal and architectural requirements pertaining to the real estate industry.
Work Cited
Eric, Siegel, Brian, Ford, & Jay M. Bornstein, 'The Ernst & Young Business Plan
York: John Wiley and Sons, 2003

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