Example Of Business Plan On Agreement Contract Between Oze Tavern Company In NY And Chile National Team

Published: 2021-06-22 00:31:58
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An agreement Contract between Oze Tavern (Company in NY) and the Chile National Team
The parties and their contact details
The management of Oze Tavern Sports Agency based in New York is pleased to propose an international friendly match between the United States National Soccer Team and the Chilean National Soccer Team. This is subject to confirmation of receipt and consequent reaction from the Chilean Football Federation whose details are as follows:
Tel: +56 2 810 1800 Fax: +56 2 284 3510
Office Location: Avda. Quilín No. 5635 - Comuna
Peñalolén Casilla No. 3733 Central de Santiago
Región Metropolitana de Santiago, Chile/>
We wish to confirm that all the clearance statutorily required by our government have been satisfied and our National Soccer Governing body has vetted our request and granted as the permission in line with the world soccer governing body, The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).
We would like to state that this is in line with promoting the beautiful game of soccer in our Nation and help create a following as successful as that achieved through our other projects that have seen major breakthroughs in Basketball, American football and Baseball among other sporting activities. We also wish to boost and motivate our countries young talent by having them interact with international stars in the game so as frequent as we can. A case in hand is the thrill and following of your international star player, Alaxis Sanchez who has inspired most of the upcoming footballers with his skills and consistency in performance. We would like to request that you make available most, if not all your main first team players for us to achieve this intangible benefit.
Statement of Event
The Management of Oze Tavern hereby expresses our desired date of this international friendly match to be (Please insert date) at the (Insert Venue) stadium. This therefore makes us have the following tentative schedule subject to alterations if they will make the event more successful and ensure your team enjoys maximum comfort while on this particular tour.
1. Arrival Date- this must be between a week and 48 hours to the match. This grace period is intended to assist us in advertisement which we intend to use specific stars in the team to make the event real to our target population. Thus the importance of having Alaxis Sanchez, and any other top players your federation will allow for this good course.
2. The game will be played in two consecutive days at the same venue so as to accommodate exposure of all your travelling members and our selected team. This is in the order of having a curtain raising match of the reserves from both ends before having the main teams lock horns.
3. We will have the team around for a maximum of 48 hours after the match so as o engage them in our public relations programs especially for the players who might have missed on our initial marketing campaign.
The number of attendees will constitute the team coach, two technical bench assistants, three Chilean football federation officials and Twenty Two national football team players from Chile including Alexis Alejandro Sanchez who plays in Spain for FC Barcelona. Being the first ever player from Chile to play for FC Barcelona, Alexis Sanchez is a renowned forward player with exceptional ability in dribbling and an awesome speed that makes him an excellent goal scorer (Johnson, 2010). He is the greatest striker ever from Chile.
Term of contract
The Management of Oze Tavern will fully accommodate the 28 man team at the (Venue) hotel in the mentioned period. This is a world class facility that is suitable for the caliber of team you have and an appreciation of the great experience you will bring on this particular tour.
We also confirm our booking of return air tickets for the same team and will ensure that we provide subsidized transport at the team’s hotel for both private and official movement of your team within the confines of the intended tour period.
We are going to be in charge of all the main meals but will have your team take care of any other feeding demands that will be mutually considered to be of private nature and not directly in line with the objectives of this tour. This includes celebrations and any parties that may be individually organized within our accommodation facility.
The appearance fee is as per the regulations of the FIFA and agreement of the two National football federations and the individual player agents. We however state that this is meant to be a charity event on our side and would appreciate donations from your team including waiver of some expenses for the success of our mission.
The Media rights have all been factored in to individuals and corporations who will be willing to give back in appreciation of our good work and assist us in settling all the expenses that will make this event a success. Therefore, the commission will be set on basis of how much any media agent is contributing towards the project and assist in our publicity experience.
The amount of compensation this friendly football game is known as legal consideration (Rosner, & Shropshire, 2011). Appendixes attached to this contract will cater for extra allowances during the period of the contract. After deliberations, it was agreed that every Chile player attending the training for two days would be paid (this amount) as the salary and (this amount) for attending the tour. Normally this amount will serve as a motivation to the players so that they can take up the invitation seriously and give their best during the tour both on the pitch and in our charity events. Our agency will give (this amount) for each goal scored and a golden boot award worth (this amount) for the overall top scorer.
Participation in other sports
Both the players and the agency agree that the player’s participation is limited to officially recognized activities in this tour and any unfortunate events and losses in other activities or sports may not be fully compensated during the tour. Accordingly, players agree, from and after the execution of this Agreement, and for the duration of this agreement, not to engage or participate in any other sport or activity involving a substantial risk of personal injury, including, but not limited to, automobile or motorcycle racing, fencing, parachuting or skydiving, boxing, wrestling, karate, judo, skiing, or ice hockey.
Compliance with rules of the Football association and/or club
Despite having this as an international friendly, we expect to apply the international rules and regulations of FIFA as well as the individual countries’ codes of conduct in dealing with the proceedings during the matches and also managing the players’ and officials’ conduct off, the playing surface. This means that any cases of indiscipline will be addressed with full consideration of rules well known to the players and officials alike. We intend to showcase discipline as a major part of this game as we advertise it to our target population. We would therefore encourage the two federations to come up with unique disciplinary measures that would be tried out in the curtain raising match. This is meant to highlight some incidences that are not yet officially recognized as a form of indiscipline but hinders the performance of the individual player as well as their opponents. Along this line, we expect to invite officials from FIFA who would also discuss and use the vent to apply some of their own proposed rules that have not been fully implemented. We will make it a priority to circulate any detail in terms of adjustments at least 48 hours to the match.
Arbitration or other method of settling disputes between parties.
We appreciate the fact that misunderstandings and misinterpretations may hinder the success of the international friendly alongside the other charity events that have been scheduled. We understand that some grievances may need to be addressed and would like to state that we will attend to any conflict in the best way possible that would ensure we are on schedule in each event that s scheduled. Arbitrary rules may be applied and settled upon based on unique situations and existing interests of the parties involved if that would help us surge forward with our planned intentions. We therefore appeal to participants to be accommodative and appreciate the fact that we are spending so much money in every minute of the program and in the spirit of charity work with the best solutions availed for specific moments and incidences.
Termination of contract
Termination of the contract is either mutual or individual based on the circumstances (Rosner, & Shropshire, 2011). Express terminations will be considered based on the physical unavailability of the players based on proven circumstances especially ‘Acts of God’. These are natural disasters that may affect the travelling of the teams or make the venues planned inacscessible. This is for the basic reason that we will not have achieved the essence of the whole tour. By stating a termination as being express we are acknowledging the fact that they cannot provide substantial time for communication based on their nature. These includes; floods and hurricanes among other natural disasters.
Security threats may also provide grounds for termination as long as they are profiled and communicated to the two federations 48 hours to the scheduled travelling date of the Chilean National Team.
Any other reason deemed to be of considerable weight and capable of crippling the two parties’ participation can be evaluated and agreed upon as long as due notice is submitted in good time before major arrangements are practically wound up.
We will ensure full compensation in terms of damages to the visiting team if the termination is from our side. We will however not meet respective claims from your team in case the termination is from your end. This categorically implies that the following fees will not be paid:
Airfare- This is in case the termination is done when your team is already flown into our country.
Player appearance allowances- If no match kicks off then this will not be considered.
Accommodation and feeding expenses will cease immediately your written notice is submitted.
We may further demand damages for prior reservations made in any other commitment that was intended for your stay as long as it is documented and filed before your teams travel date. We hope that you honor this not as a threat but a financial consideration to meet our expenses on already incurred expenses.
It should be noted that in case the contract is voided and it is mutually agreed by both federations as so, we cease to be responsible for any event or activity involving your team as long as you are still within the country and therefore no liability will be considered whatsoever the circumstance. We may however voluntarily offer directions and guidance on how to deal with the same, considering the circumstances do not implicate negatively on our agency in any way.
Procedure for termination
Unless the terminations are deemed to be of express nature, all terminations must be filed within 72 hours to the first match kick off. They will be documented and delivered to both federations and must be certified as received for any legal consideration. The parties are therefore needed to store any written communication as evidence of the happening and be cautious of the time factor.
We look forward to your participation and enjoyable stay.
Johnson, R. (2010).Great athletes / Boxing & soccer. Pasadena, Calif.: Salem Press.
Rosner, S. & Shropshire, L. (2011). The business of sports. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
Nafziger, J. & Ross, S. (2011). Handbook on international sports law. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
Rosner, S. & Shropshire, K. (2011).The business of sports. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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